Car tax, only 42 € per car: a great gift for Italians

All car owners in our country are required to pay this ‘indigestible’ tax. A tribute that varies according to the model of car you own! But do you know that it is possible to pay the stamp duty at a negligible cost? Here are all the details on this aspect!

Car tax
Car tax – Motori.News

Anyone who owns a car knows how necessary it is to have some compulsory expenses! Insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, but not only. Indeed, any owner of a car is required to pay a tax annually often considered ‘indigestible’! We refer to the car tax. What is it?

The car tax is nothing more than a regional tax to be paid every year. A real car tax that weighs on all cars and motorcycles registered in our country. As mentioned, the payment must be made for your region of residence and the cost varies according to the various areas of Italy and the model of car owned!

The calculation on this regional car tax is based on various factors and also takes into account the ecological aspect. Owners of less polluting cars will pay a cheaper car tax. There is also a great advantage in reference to owners of electric cars. In this case, in fact, you will not have to pay the road tax for the first 5 years and subsequently the cost will be considerably lower than the endothermic cars!

But who is it that can pay only 42 euros for car tax? Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing look!

Cheap car tax: who is entitled to this right!

In our country the costs related to the car tax are very high, especially for those in possession of extra luxury cars. But there is a specific area in which the cost of this tax is really negligible and is set at 42 euros! Where is it? Here’s everything you need to know about this aspect!

Montecarlo car tax
Car tax in Montecarlo: that’s why you pay so little – Motori.News

In Italy, unfortunately, paying such a low sum for car tax is impossible for any model and in any area! But if we move a few kilometers from our border, then here we find a real paradise even for owners of ultra-luxury cars! What place are we referring to? To the Principality of Monaco!

In fact, in Montecarlo the income is tax free and there is no tax on the capital of individuals! There is no real estate tax and GDP is one of the highest in the world. A tax haven on all levels! And also when it comes to the cost of running a car – including extra luxury ones – the benefits are incredible!

Owners of any car in Monte Carlo pay a negligible expense in reference to the road tax. It is fixed – regardless of the model – e stands at just 42 euros! Enrollment costs around 80 euros and insurance costs are also considerably lower than in our country!

Car tax
Car tax – Motori.News

Furthermore, the paid car tax is shown directly on the license plate, attaching the figures referring to the year in which the payment was made! This plate certifies that everything is in order and that the vehicle can circulate in complete tranquility!

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