The Best Spy Shots For The Week Of October 17 put up spy shots of oncoming vehicles almost daily and sometimes more than that. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s on the road, check out our list of all development vehicles from last week.

The BMW X1 M35i development vehicle showcases an aggressive sporty front fascia with multiple openings. It has a prominent spoiler above the rear hatch, and the bumper makes room for dual exhausts on each side.

An updated BMW X6 is on its way. This one flaunts a larger opening in the grille and a much more prominent inlet in the front fascia.

This Bentley Continental GTC doesn’t sport a bit of camouflage. If you look at the rear bumper, you can see the door covering the charging port for the PHEV system.

This is a Mercedes-AMG CLE 53, and the best way to tell is to look at the rear. This one has circular dual exhausts coming out of each side of the bumper. In contrast, the hotter class 63 has a trapezoidal outlet.

This gallery provides an extraordinary look at the new Mercedes E-Class area. Unfortunately, he wears a lot of camouflage.

This Mercedes-AMG S63 sports a very aggressive front fascia with multiple openings and a larger one in the outer corners. Like other models in the 63 series, there is a trapezoidal exhaust outlet at the rear.

Porsche has been busy working on the Taycan this week. In one of the galleries, we see what appears to be a more aggressive model with a wider front fascia, carbon-ceramic brakes and a rear wing. Another set of photos is of updated models, including the Sport Turismo wagon.

Volkswagen is trying to dress up the next-generation Passat to look like the current model. This includes applying stickers that match the shape of the lights and grille. One of the photo galleries shows a car on the road. Another group of images captures a train on the Nürburgring.

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