Save 10 € when you put petrol, you will no longer be able to do without it: goodbye wasted money

In this last period, the price of fuel has reached an all-time high. For many people, filling up with petrol or diesel has almost become a luxury. To provide some relief for motorists, we will reveal tips and tricks to help you save up to 10 euros every time you put fuel in the car.

save 10 euros petrol
save 10 euros

It is tiring to see that the price of fuel varies practically every day. The fixing of these tariffs appears to be conditioned by the law of supply and demand. And as everyone knows, the higher the demand for a product, the more its price increases significantly.

Fill up early in the week

Although there is no precise rule regarding this theory, it would seem that the most favorable day of the week to save would be the Monday. It would seem that the start of the week is more appropriate to fill up with fuel, because that’s when i prices would be the lowest.

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As the week progresses, the rate gradually increases to peak at the weekend, especially on Saturdays, which are considered a busy day.

Choose safe and smart driving

This is the basic advice that all experts give to drivers. But we want to give you a series of tips to reduce fuel consumption:

Start driving without accelerating: this first tip is very important, it refers to the beginning of the guide: the idea is to go gradually without accelerating. After walking a few meters, you can switch to high gear.

Maintain a constant speed: it’s not always easy for everyone, but if you want to save some fuel, try to keep your cruising speed as constant and as long as possible. And this, without sudden acceleration or braking.

Slow down as often as possible: slowing down is not just advice for safety reasons, this action also helps to reduce fuel consumption.

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Use the engine brake: also in this case, if possible, use the engine brake, without using the pedal. Just release the throttle and slow down. The engine will then act as a brake, which will avoid higher consumption.

Accelerate slightly on a slope: on slopes, the reduction in speed must be delayed as much as possible and accelerate lightly. On the descents, on the other hand, try to circulate at higher speeds, as long as this obviously does not involve any kind of danger.

Find the cheapest gas station: although fuel prices are rising everywhere, as has been said, today we have the opportunity to know in advance the price of each petrol station. Sometimes, all you have to do is compare prices to realize that some stations can help you save a lot of money. It also happens that the difference reaches up to 10 euros.

Of course the conditions are not always optimal: however, it is necessary to evaluate the distance to be covered to reach the aforementioned service station.

Check the condition of your vehicle more often

It must be admitted that, to the extent that we are taken up by daily life and various responsibilities, we tend to overlook this important point. However, to save fuel, the condition of the vehicle plays an important role.

Especially on the side of tires: when they are heavily worn or with a pressure lower than that recommended by the manufacturer, this can lead to excessive fuel consumption. If so, it would be wiser to check them regularly or even replace them.

The same can happen when some mechanical components are not kept in good condition.

Traveling by car –

Avoid fuel consumption while traveling

Fuel economy also depends on your driving style or the decisions you make behind the wheel.

Here are some tips to avoid excessive fuel consumption on a long journey:

First of all, you have to correctly organize the path you are about to take. This is an important precaution to avoid possible traffic jams, for example. This is what will allow you not only to save some petrol, but also to drive more pleasantly and comfortably on roads with less traffic.

The other reason why it is important to plan your route in advance is precisely to avoid traveling many more kilometers going blind. Avoid making the road too long by multiplying the kilometers. This is what will save you any kind of hassle and prevent you from taking wrong paths.

Finally, you should also be very careful with your bags. Travel with the vehicle full of suitcases it will clutter it up and increase its weight. Result: the car will feel obliged to redouble its efforts to circulate and will necessarily consume more fuel. So lighten the trunk and don’t overfill the cabin to save fuel.

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