Exclamation point that lights up in the car, beware of the malfunction: you risk your skin

How many times it has happened while in the car to see lights on the dashboard, of different colors. They can be green, blue, yellow, orange, sometimes even an exclamation point appears that you do not understand exactly what it is for, but that has all the air of being dangerous.

Exclamation point
Exclamation point – Motori.news

Red ABS light indicates brake malfunction. Obviously this is not a good sign, on the contrary it indicates something very serious that must be checked immediately and certainly not underestimated.

ABS is the anti-lock system, which prevents the wheels from locking during braking and therefore allows the driver to maintain control of the car in any situation and condition, preventing it from suddenly skidding. In fact, if the wheels lock up you could run the risk of an accident, even a serious one, it would be really dangerous.

Circle with ABS inscription, what it means

The ABS warning light is represented by a circle inside which ABS is written, this turns on and then turns off a few seconds later. If it were to remain lit while driving, it would probably indicate a malfunction of one of the system components. The orange light that comes on on the dashboard warns you that there is a mechanical or technical problem.

Obviously it must be specified that if the ABS warning light comes on it does not always mean that this does not work but chand the vehicle electronics need to be overhauled and probably requires maintenance.

exclamation point-Motori.news

The red exclamation point indicates an important malfunction, here’s what to do

But here we are at the crucial point: if a warning light appears with a red exclamation point then you have to stop wherever you are. That light indicates in fact that the car is leaking brake fluid, this means that the brakes no longer work as they used to and as they should. So, you have to park your car wherever it is and ask for the help of someone who can tow the vehicle by taking it to a garage.

The ABS light on usually indicates that the anti-lock braking system is deactivated due to the circuit malfunctionwhich causes the function to stop.

But be careful, because this does not necessarily have to indicate something serious, it can also be dust or mud clogging the sensors and therefore do not allow them to function properly. Or it could be a system failure, one deficiency on the abs line, computer shutdown. In all these cases it is necessary the intervention of the right person, it is advisable to avoid making attempts if you do not have a preparation or you are not an expert.

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