Fine with a red light, you no longer have to pay it: do this immediately

Among the many things that generate anxiety in motorists there are certainly road penalties. In this article we will talk about the fines notified after passing the red light. In some cases it can be a simple distraction, but the fine must always be paid. Or maybe not? Here are all the various cases that allow you to appeal without paying a euro!

Fine with red light,
Fine with red light, –

Going red at the traffic lights is one of the most wrong and riskiest moves to make. Those who do not respect this rule, in fact, put both their own and others’ road safety at serious risk. Very often it can happen to be distracted and to engage the intersection involuntarily. Other times it goes red given the absence of vehicles coming from other parts. Whatever the motivation, remember that it is strictly forbidden to go red!

In recent years, the installation of fixed cameras above the traffic lights of the most dangerous or heavily trafficked intersections has multiplied. These devices have made it possible to reduce road accidents and to fines all offenders!

The increase of t-red cameras it was registered in many areas of our country, greatly improving the situation! These devices are equipped with infrared rays that photograph the license plate of those who pass red and those who stop beyond the stop line!

There fine for the passage to the traffic light with red it is very heavy and can vary from a minimum of 163 euros up to a maximum of 652 euros, according to the various cases! But is there a way to not pay the fine? Here are all the various cases in which it is possible to appeal!

Fine for passing the red light at the traffic lights: that’s when you can not pay it!

This article is not an invitation to circumvent the rules, but to understand what the law provides and when the motorist can best challenge a fine for passing red at the traffic light. In fact, in some cases the Municipalities can be ‘crafty’ to notify as many fines as possible!

Red light penalty
Here’s how to contest a fine for passing through a red light – Motori.News

In fact, it has sometimes been found that a camera can trigger a fine even if the driver has passed without committing an infringement. Badly calibrated devices, therefore, can trigger an appeal by motorists, as in the case of Speed ​​Cameras! And what other cases provide for the possibility of an appeal by the motorist?

The Highway Code – through art. 201, paragraph 1 quarter – provides that outside a built-up area, fixed cameras cannot be positioned for passing the red light on each street.

Traffic light fine
Fine after passing the red light – Motori.News

In fact, for the fine to be valid, the road with the presence of the traffic light and the camera must be identified by the Prefect of competence of the area! Therefore, if the Prefect’s authorization is not present, the fine may be contested as invalid!

Another case of invalid fine – ascertained by many judicial rulings – concerns that relating to a specific event! If you drive along a ducting lane where the light is red, but then continue in the direction of the green light, then the fine can be contested! In practice, it is a wrong and ‘rude’ way to act on the street, but as far as the passage at the traffic light is concerned there is no infringement!

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