Fiat Panda 2023, this time they really outdid themselves: never seen so beautiful

Fiat Panda 2023, is the car that will represent a completely innovative generation, it is no coincidence that it has become the symbol of the restart and revolution of the most famous and loved car brand in the world not only by young people but also by adults.

fiat panda 2023
fiat panda 2023-

Lovers of Fiat Pandas are many and everyone is thrilled to find out what will be the novelty of what will be launched in 2023.

The official debut is scheduled for the next few months, there is now the curiosity to find out what the changes will be inside or outside the car. The question is this: will it change segment and design, so will it be a completely revolutionized car or will it remain more or less the same with different small details?

The Fiat Panda is considered the car of the revolution, that’s why

The new Fiat Panda will be the car of the revolution, points to the future and it would also seem ready to become a sort of low cost Tesla. In short, it should be the electric car for all budgets. According to the first information released, it will be a global car, therefore a car for sale all over the world and not only in Italy.

The platform of the new Fiat Panda it should be the STLA Small. Its debut should be preceded by the B-SUV produced in Tychy in Poland and it is not known for example where it will be produced.


Here are some almost certain news

Although it is not yet known where the new Fiat Panda will be produced, it is certain that it will not be in Italy. At the moment it is produced in Pomigliano but production will stop definitively in 2026. It will probably be built at the Fiat Chrysler plant in Kragujevac in Serbia, but the news is not official.

As for the segment, we will move on to segment B, a length of just under 4 meters. The design will be inspired as the future electric cars, from the Centoventi concept that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car will be technological, the interiors as always remain simple, extremely attention to detail. The price should still remain within anyone’s reach especially with versions entry level. Then you move on to autonomy, whoever buys it can drive it in all serenity not only in the city, but also outside. This is what is known, at least for the moment, when the new one will be presented Fiat Panda will have no more secrets. We must wait and in the meantime daydream. Millions of people have already been dreaming for months and are thrilled to drive it in just a few months.

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