What does this sign on your driving license mean? Nobody ever noticed

Not only our data are written on the driving license, there are also several acronyms and several nomenclatures, of which nobody knows anything. Among all these acronyms there is one, MIT-UCO, which is not known exactly what it refers to and what it means.

Sign on the driver's license
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In reality, it is a detail that escapes, but when we had to use the license as an identification document we had to write it down at the place of issue “License issued by MIT-UCO”.

We did it automatically, we didn’t notice or pay attention, but that’s the way it is. So what is it? What is it about?

Here is what MIT-UCO means

The meaning of the acronym MIT-UCO identifies the acronym of Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, or Central Operational Office. In a nutshell, it indicates the office that deals with the issue of duplicate driving licenses.

Anyone who has never noticed the wording, can pay attention to item 4c, there is the inscription MIT-UCO. This means that the license on which the wording is made is a duplicate issued in compliance with art. 127 of the Highway Code.


When and how to request a duplicate license

The duplicate can only be issued in three cases. In case of loss of the driving license, in case of deterioration of the same, or theft.

The Central Operations Office is based in Rome, exactly to the Ministry of Transport and it is the only office that deals with the issue of duplicate driving licenses.

By means of a management decree of MIT, which entered into force on 29 September 2011, to obtain the double license a very simplified procedure must be followed.

In the past, in order to have a duplicate you had to submit the request to the UCO or it was an exclusive service of the police. It was the Police who proceeded with sending the document, only after verifying that the license was duplicable.

Now the practice is completely different, first the complaint is exposed, then one turns to the office of the Civil Motorization or to the consultancy firm that deals with automotive practices and the request for a duplicate is presented with the complaint of the loss of driving license or possible theft.

The body collects the report, sends the request for a duplicate to the UCO, all within seven working days, the Central Operations Office will then update the data, verify the suitability and proceed with the issue of the duplicate.

The license will be delivered by registered mail within 90 days. In the meantime, the motorist can still drive by taking advantage of a provisional driving permit.

In the event that, after having forwarded the request for a duplicate, the subject finds it again, he is obliged to destroy it. It is not necessary to communicate any information to the bodies in charge.

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