up to € 1682 fine if you have this in your car

There is a big and important new feature with roadblocks: if your car is equipped with this accessory, you risk a very high fine.

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THE checkpoints they are every motorist’s nightmare. Yes, even if you are in order with everything, including road tax, insurance, driving license and the rest, you always fear that being stopped could lead to a fine for any reason: maybe you went too fast and you didn’t notice, you ignored a previous report or you have simply committed a levity that will be punished.

I’m there are many reasons why the police can stop you to a check through a checkpoint: sometimes these are simple routine operations, such as random checks to try to catch the unfortunate person on duty deserving of a fine. In other cases, there may be specific reasons triggered by the driver himself or by something wrong with his vehicle.

For example? A broken headlight, a swinging mirror or other objects that can create danger for other motorists. But there are cases where it is our desire for vanity that fools us, especially if we are fans of the film saga of The Fast and The Furious. Yes, you got it right, we’re talking about led under the machines.

Can they stop me at checkpoints if I mount LEDs under the car?

To answer this question we need to first understand what the specific articles of the Traffic Laws. In detail, articles 71 and 72 establish the construction and operating characteristics of the motor vehicle and then reveal everythingequipment that should be kept.

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This naturally includes headlights, horns, tires, odometers, direction indicators (or arrows), any satellite navigators, Telepass and parking devices, additional safety devices and much more.

The Highway Code is also very specific in identifying all the characteristics that must have lights and arrows: this means that we are not free to modify our car at will, but we must adhere to very precise and very strict rules.

What does this mean? He tells us Article 78: any modification to the equipment or bodywork of the vehicle must pass under examination by the DMVto which the General Management will arrange visits and tests through competent technicians to evaluate and give or not the suitability of the car.

Led under the car
Led under the car – Motori.news

All approved modifications are then entered in a specific approval certificate and in some cases even in the registration certificate. If this does not happen e if you are caught driving a modified vehicle without the necessary permits you risk a very heavy fine: it starts from 419 euros up to 1682 euros in the most serious cases, complete with the withdrawal of the registration certificate.

Is this also valid for the installation of LEDs under the car? Absolutely yes. It would be wrong to define it as a crime, but it is an offense that involves a fine of the proportions that we have already set out and that can therefore arrive up to 1682 euros with withdrawal of the registration certificate. No, it is not enough for you to turn off the LEDs to avoid the fine if you happen to be in a roadblock, they should not be installed at all.

We want to leave you a hope, all is not lost: is it possible to legally install the leds under the cars? Yes, but you have to go through the DMV offices that can show you both the regular lights to buy, and how to place them in the car and especially when to use them: you may be forced to keep them off as you walk, but you can turn them on as an exhibition to brag with friends. . Better than nothing, right?

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