Put it on your hands before refueling, this gesture saves your life: you will always do it

There is a secret that few or perhaps none know that has to do with fuel. When you refuel for safety reasons and not only you should wear gloves.

Refueling with this on your hands – Motori.News

Gloves are used to protect your hands from any irreparable damage such as burns.

Hands and fingers should always be draft when refueling to avoid causing irreparable damage while doing an operation apparently it seems to be simple but which actually hides many pitfalls that can in fact cause very serious injuries.

What are the dangers of getting petrol

While you get petrol and then handle the pump with your bare hand, there are lots of running risks that none of us expect or consider. Meanwhile, gasoline is a toxic substance that also penetrates the body through fumes or through direct contact with the skin. Due to fumes, direct contacts can cause disorders or diseases of various kinds.

It’s not just about cancer or anything respiratory problem, very problematic dermatitis and irritation can arise. Then the hygienic aspect cannot be neglected, being that the filling stations are very frequented by everyone, they are full of germs and bacteria that easily pass from the pump to the hands and then penetrate the body. This is why you need to protect yourself and choose the protective equipment to use well. THE gloves are essential but they are not all the same, so choose them carefully if you want to have all-round protection.

There are many models of gloves on the market, they also differ in the materials they are made of. In any case, everyone should be resistant to values, fumes and any aggressive and dangerous substance.


Nitrile or vinyl gloves, the difference

Nitrile gloves have nitrile rubber which has good chemical resistance. In contact with gasoline they prove to be clearly up to it.

The vinyl gloves are truly performing and resistant. Coming into contact with acidic substances, they give me better than themselves, they do not change their appearance or composition over time. So after months their resistance does not change.

What is important to check is that they are hypoallergenic gloves because if you have a particularly delicate and sensitive skin, they can also cause itching, redness or burning. With petrol and diesel, no joke, even a single drop can be the cause of serious damage, in this period they also protect against covid.

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