Eggs on the windshield, unfortunately it’s all true: you better run away if you see them

As much as it may seem to be a hoax, it is not at all, there are people who have really lived what we are about to tell, which has to do with eggs and the windshield of the car.

Eggs on the windshield
Eggs on the windshield – Motori.News

This is a system reported by several people, from several parts of Italy, more precisely of attempted robbery or theft, carried out while the motorist is driving.

This is suddenly surprised by the throwing of the eggs on the windshield, no one knows from which direction. There are those who do it in the middle of traffic to simulate a kind of accident, and then ask for damages and those who try to do something more.

The egg technique has never changed, it has always been the same for a year

An episode like that takes us back in time, or last year between 29 and 30 December. A victim, a baker, was surprised by a scammer, with the egg technique, luckily he did not suffer serious damage. This served to confirm the hypothesis that the system is always the same.

The motorist drives, suddenly he is joined by some eggs hitting the windshield, consequently activates the wiper, which makes viewing impossible. This happens because the egg white and the red mix with the water, to the point of creating a mush that blurs the vision and hardly goes away.

For safety reasons the driver must stop wherever he is to clean the windshield. In this way the thieves take action by slipping into the car, stealing envelopes, wallets, cell phonesmoney and if they can even the car itself.

How to react if you realize you are being followed by someone

Generally all motorists fall into the trap by having the same reaction. That is to stop to clean the windshield. This is strongly discouraged, just as you should never operate the windshield wipers. Unfortunately, there are those who speak of this news as if it were fake news and therefore underestimate the technique, making it infallible as a result,

In reality it is not a popular belief, but a real risk. This is why it is important to inform yourself and know how it is best to behave and react in order not to take big risks. The first thing to do is to look the rearview mirror especially if you realize you are being followed by someone who may not have good intentions. Generally, those who want to put this scam into practice, walk attached to the car of the potential victim.

In this case it is good to continue walking, perhaps proceeding towards a Police or Carabinieri station, to report the incident while taking shelter in the meantime.

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