Never charge your phone in the car, if you have this cable you burn the battery: don’t do it

We all have a very specific habit, recharging the phone in the car, during a trip that is long or short, so as not to risk running out of battery while out. It is an unfair habit, but no one knows why.

Charge phone in the car
Charge phone in the car – Motori.News

Regardless of the type of trip we face, as soon as we see that the phone starts to run down, we insert the cable into the USB port and we put it in charge in the hope of being able to reach an acceptable percentage despite having to travel very few kilometers.

Unfortunately we all do it, it may seem a banal habit, insignificant, but it is not at all. Indeed, it is the experts who say it.

Here is the explanation of the specialists. Why is it wrong to charge the phone in the car

Specialists explain that unless it is a major emergency, you should never charge your phone’s battery in the car because the car’s USB port provides far less electricity than it does. it is used by the Smartphone to rechargethe. As a result, it sometimes happens that while charging the device recharges very slowly, the battery goes backwards and then discharges, or does not recharge at all. Indeed several people have noticed that the battery level, if and when it increases, increases very little. This happens because the smartphone consumes much more energy than it enters with the connections to the car charger.

Another bad habit that belongs to many motorists is to charge the smartphone via the cigarette lighter. You never ask why the adapter is 12V and mobile phones use 5V. This is why the delay is generated that damages the device sometimes even in a really serious way and you can’t go back to that point. You can even create the conditions for which you need to proceed with the replacement of the battery.


Charging your phone with non-original cables can be harmful to the device

If you happen to have an empty mobile phone but have not brought the charging cable of the device with you, it is good to know that you should never use non-original cables or cables from other mobile phones. In short, the charging cable must never be adapted because the battery is considerably damaged.

Regardless of which cable is used, this type of charging also ruins the USB port and it can even damage the motherboard which is part of the very expensive smartphone. The device’s original charger is the only one that guarantees the right power and correct charge. To conclude it is better not to load the smartphone battery in the car, because as absurd, strange or trivial as it may seem, even if it is a few volts, these discharge the car battery especially if the USB cable is left inserted when you get off the vehicle, even removing the device.

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