an immense gift for Italians

Motorists are about to receive a fantastic, totally unexpected gift that has to do with the highway.

Free highway
Free motorway – Motori.News

The advantage is all in favor of those who travel a lot and therefore often accesses the motorway.

In some cases, from now on it will be possible to access without paying the toll at the toll booth, let’s see when and how.

When access to the motorway is free

The payment of the toll on the motorway has always been a debated, central issue. It is talked about because it is one of the payments that motorists do not tolerate. It is an expense that many have to face daily, without a real reason.

Now apparently the payment has been abolished but not for all motorists. Only a fraction will benefit from it and it is references only to road sections not in good condition.

The reference has to do with Liguria. The decision was also made following the tragic events that we all remember, which have to do with the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. 43 people died in that accident.

Leaving aside what happened years ago, the conditions of some sections of the road that inevitably rekindled the controversy also influenced the decision. This is why, with effect from last August 20, it was established that motorists passing through those stretches of the Ligurian motorway would not have to pay the toll.

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What are the free motorway sections starting now

Obviously we are not talking about whole motorways but about sections, such as the Genoa-airport motorway, then the west Genoa-Bolzaneto motorway; Pra-Airport; Pra-Pegli; Pegli-Airport. In recent weeks, the stretch of the much discussed Salerno-Reggio Calabria, and of the E45.

For closed motorway systems, the toll is paid based on the kilometers traveled. On the other hand, as regards the open sections, a flat rate is paid.

Since the motorway gates are not subject to any restrictions, the user can proceed on the motorway without paying even in the following sections; ring road of Milan A50, A51, 52, Highway of the Lakes; Turin ring road; Naples ring road in particular the section of the A3, Naples, Pompeii, Salerno. There are toll booths at the various junctions for which the fixed rate is paid regardless. Follow the A12 Rome-Civitavecchia section; then the A32 and A33 stretches Asti-Alba and Cherasco-Bra. The news can only make happy all those motorists who are forced to pay the toll with a combination or without a season ticket on a daily basis, even if they do not use the services or motorways that have been cured.

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