MotoGP, effort without reward: Fabio Quartararo is really in trouble

Fabio Quartararo one step away from losing the 2022 MotoGP title. Talent has been seen, but Yamaha hasn’t …

Quartararo, the encore moves away – MotoriNews

We are now at the end of this intense season MotoGP 2022. Two Grand Prix (or maybe even less) to decide who will be the new champion in the top class of the World Championship. Until mid-season it was Fabio Quartararo the favorite, if only for the fact of being the 2021 world champion and for the determination shown in several races. But as the season went by, he showed up Pecco Bagnaia, who in the saddle of his Ducati racing car managed to nullify the large disadvantage. The French champion tried, but it wasn’t enough, and now he is in downside not only technical, but also world-wide. Sepang last resort?

A comeback of strength

In the first part of the season the reigning MotoGP champion had accumulated a wide advantage on pursuers. First of all on Pecco Bagnaia, protagonist of a filotto of incredible mistakes who had distanced him a lot from Fabio Quartararo. The most important gap between the two was seen at the end of the GP in Germany: the Yamaha rider had 172 points, the Piedmontese from Ducati only 81! Yet it is precisely from there that the latter got it put into gear, achieving increasingly important results. In addition to downloading the whole power of his Desmosedici, which immediately put the “slow” M1 available to Quartararo into sharp difficulty. And here we are towards Sepang with the Ducatista now passed to command and to first match point world, while the 2021 world champion must try everything to avoid the final to the advantage of the Italian duo.

Quartararo, an encore MotoGP still possible?

A’almost desperate undertaking for the champion from Nice, who no longer knows which strategy to cling to. He has tried them all, starting with the initial change of mentality: fewer complaints, more grit on the track. He even then changed training and diet, following a different method for ‘pushhis M1 a little more. Being able to put riders with a faster bike in line is not really for everyone, the talent of a by now always tired Quartararo we have seen everything. Just look at where the other Yamahas are … Here, what was missing is just this: a motorcycle at its height. The alarm bell had already arrived last November during the winter tests, i worst fears they then became reality. Quartararo is struggling a lot, risking even more than necessary as in Australia, while rivals fly. The replica of the title won last year is really one more possibility? The situation is no longer in his favor …

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