Speed ​​cameras, barrage of fines on the way: pay attention to this detail

Speed ​​cameras are the biggest nightmare of all Italian motorists, not only because you run the risk of seeing high fines arriving at home suddenly, but also because you travel with the anxiety that there may be some at any point. of the road and not noticing in time.

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There are those who, after noticing the presence of generally reported speed cameras, nails, in order not to get a fine, running the risk of causing accidents.

But it is not enough to implement these tricks, because there are times and places where you can’t do much and you just have to pay on the spot. Reference is made to the motorway toll booths and to the toll which must be paid every time you pass by.

How soon can the toll be paid without fines

Many people get nervous at the idea of ​​having to pay for the passage at the toll booth, yet there is no other choice if you do not want to run the risk of getting a nice fine and even losing points from your driving license.

The law accepts late payment of the toll, you can pay within 15 days to be in good standing. The crafty ones and therefore those who think they can get away with it, on the other hand, risk receiving a fine ranging from € 85 to € 338, obviously also losing the points on the license which is then difficult to recover within a short time.

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When and how to pay in order not to lose the license points

Often, especially those traveling for work, have to pay the motorway toll every day, so o chooses to activate the telepassor pay for the passage daily, which is not convenient and also wastes time.

Here because there are some crafty ones who try to pass without paying committing a petty crime. It is true that Italian motorways are really expensive, but it cannot be done otherwise. Avoiding the law is not a possible and adequate choice.

So even if at a later time, you must always get in order also because the system, through speed cameras that are difficult to notice, identifies both the vehicle’s license plate, that the various data that indicate the passage. In fact, the receipt that is issued at the toll booth indicates the time of entry and exit as well as the data of the vehicle. Since that time you have 15 days to pay everything. Otherwise the Traffic Police will send the fine and deduct the points on the license.

Always pay without spending too much time. You can pay late at any tobacconist’s by credit card or cash. There are so many possibilities for which there are no excuses.

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