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In the New Highway Code, the agents have also entered the crosshairs of pedestrians who now run the risk of being fined for having made a minor mistake at first glance.

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It is not only vehicles equipped with an engine that are obliged to comply with the rules of the highway code. So are pedestrians who may be in getting very high fines suddenly.

What the highway code says about pedestrians

The Highway Code is as hated as it is important. It is true that because of its rules we see ourselves saddled with a salty fine out of nowhere, but it is also true that it saves our lives and protects us in many cases. It is a very important tool, which we should know well in order not to make mistakes and respect the laws and rules imposed.

For example, few know that there are rules that even pedestrians are called to respect and that some behaviors can lead to penalties of a certain weight. There are at least 10 paragraphs that walk on foot. First of all, all those who move by means of their legs are called to do so only and exclusively on the sidewalks and not on the roadway. When you have to cross, you have to do it only on the pedestrian crossing.

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Jogging is fine, but be careful how you choose to do it

At the end of a particularly stressful day you think about going jogging, the idea is certainly not wrong, it becomes so only when you go out in a group after or during sunset and invade the suburban or poorly lit roads. In both cases it cannot be done, indeed you have to run or walk in single file. The one that you risk getting a 102 euro fine per person. This attitude can be dangerous for general safety.

In the case of there should be no sidewalks, instead, it is necessary to move in the opposite direction to the direction of circulation of cars. In this case you risk a fine of 100 euros per person. If you cross you must always go in search of the pedestrian crossing, if there are the problem is solved. If they are not there, you have to cross perpendicular to the road and not zig zag or diagonally as we all usually do.

Another thing that not everyone knows is that you cannot stop in the middle of the road to chat with friends, perhaps blocking the sidewalk traffic or by hindering the entry or exit of customers in stores. This attitude is wrong and punishable by law. You risk receiving a penalty of 100 euros.

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