If you see this on your car mirror don’t stop: you are in danger

There are some cases in which it would be better to NEVER turn around when driving your car. If you notice something strange behind you while behind the wheel, don’t look through your car’s interior rearview mirror too often. For what reason? What are we referring to? Here are all the details on this aspect!

If you see this from the rearview mirror, NEVER turn around – Motori.News

The internal rearview mirror and those placed externally are fundamental elements when you are inside your car. In fact, taking advantage of these devices it will be possible to watch at any moment what is happening behind you. A very useful move in certain circumstances, including when you are busy in a parking lot.

The use of mirrors is essential to ensure safety for you and other road users. The recommendation before getting behind the wheel, therefore, is to carefully adjust these devices, so that you can monitor the situation behind you at all times!

But in a specific isolated case, looking too many times behind you through the rearview mirror could be counterproductive. and, indeed, create many problems for you! What are we referring to? Why in some cases you will NEVER have to turn around or look too often from the inside mirror of the car? Here we explain the reasons for this move to avoid!

NEVER look in the rearview mirror too often in any given case – here’s why!

As we have said, the use of mirrors – including the internal one – is of paramount importance. The advice, therefore, is to always exploit these elements! Or rather, almost always. Indeed, there is a single case in which turning around or looking in the mirror frequently could be very unpleasant. Which? Here we show you why!

Interior car mirror
Interior rear-view mirror: here’s when to use it as little as possible – Motori.News

The case that we indicate to you is fortunately not frequent, but unfortunately the phenomenon is expanding more and more in recent years. We refer to being followed by someone. If you notice something odd behind you, there are a few moves to make. The important thing is to never lose your temper and always be lucid in dealing with the unexpected in the best possible way.

If you notice a car following you for a long time, then it is advisable to be alarmed and act in a certain way to avoid the worst! After you notice the problem, don’t turn around too often or get flustered by your inside mirror. Any malicious people, in fact, could be caused by this thing. Therefore, it is appropriate that they do not notice that they have been noticed!

The chase could be just a coincidence, but unfortunately some bad guys exploit people’s weaknesses to frighten them, rob them and maybe capture some personal information, like the neighborhood and the street where you live!

The move to make is to keep driving, trying – always with maximum safety and calm – to ‘sow’ the pursuer! A move you should never make is to proceed in the direction of your home. It becomes advisable to close the safety and ‘armor’ in your car! This way, you will prevent someone from sneaking into your car at a traffic light or stop.

If the attacker still doesn’t give up, then there are only two things to do. The first is that of get as much information as possible about the person behind you – license plate number, physical appearance, color of clothes and much more. The second is to take your mobile and notify the police of the problem. You can also go outside the police or carabinieri station and wait inside your car for the intervention of the agents!

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