‘Free petrol’, not even 1 € spent to fill up: incredible

Over the last few weeks there is nothing but talk of the price increases and the now skyrocketing cost of fuel. Whether it’s diesel or petrol, the price is skyrocketing.

Free petrol
Free petrol – Engines.news

In many rather than going for fuel once a week if not more, they prefer to use public transport giving up independence.

On the other hand, it is the only way to save both on fuel and on the wear and tear of the vehicle itself.

Here’s what happened to a gas station

What has happened in recent days shows that the desperation is really great, too much. A gas station went crazy and suddenly started give away fuel. Obviously, the onslaught of motorists started. All who succeeded stormed the refueling and refueled.

All of this came about as a result of technical problems on Monday. The fact attracted the attention of hundreds of motorists who took advantage of the situation. Obviously, although it may have been a security breach of the petrol pump, whoever has made free fuel, has adopted an incorrect behavior and therefore punishable by law. For the owner this is a not insignificant economic damage.


Those who took advantage of the moment of chaos to get free fuel will soon pay the consequences of their actions

The episode, fortunately singular, occurred in Eboli in the province of Salerno. Not only were motorcyclists and motorists rushing in, but also people with jerry cans to fill completely for free. When the petrol ran out, the damage to the owner began to be counted. This would be a damage of 20 thousand euros.

Following all this, investigations were initiated by the investigators who used the images recorded by video surveillance cameras to identify one by one all the people who managed to steal fuel without paying. The news immediately went around the world, on the other hand it is a curious and singular episode that could not fail to attract the attention and curiosity of anyone.

What is particularly worrying now is what will happen at the end of October when it comes to the end of your dear gasoline agreement. At that point, in fact, diesel and petrol will again be able to exceed € 2 per liter, considering that already in these days with the cut in excise duties we have already paid € 1.80 for both fuel. Recovery is a long way off indeed, a difficult economic period is coming for the Italians, the most difficult ever.

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