Wrap the keys in 2 aluminum foil, this trick will come in very handy

There is a trick that more and more people are using to avoid any problems at all times. What are we referring to? Let’s find out how the aluminum foil wrapped in the car key can come to our aid! Here are all the details on this seemingly bizarre move!

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Gone are the times of the keys to be put into the door lock to open or lock the car. In fact, in recent decades new keys have been developed with chips and sensors capable of opening the car while keeping these elements in your pocket or bag!

Indeed, thanks to a radio signal, the car recognizes your key, allowing the door to open with a simple touch on a button on it! Furthermore, many new generation cars allow you to start the engine without ‘turning’ the key, but simply by keeping it inside the car! Therefore, just press the appropriate button and go!

These latest generation keys use the wireless connection to perform at their best and make you almost ‘forget’ the presence of this element when opening and starting the machine! A technology that has revolutionized this aspect, making the motorist’s life much more practical!

But is it all pink and flowers? Why could it be important to wrap the car key in aluminum? Let’s go to the discovery of this trick that can make you always stay safe!

Car key wrapped in tinfoil: here’s the trick that always protects you!

The wireless connection is activated only and exclusively in the immediate vicinity of the machine – about one and a half meters, maximum two! So, only those who are very close to the car and the key will be able to open it easily! This new call is called ‘Keyless Go’! But what can the tinfoil wrapped on this technological element do?

Aluminum car key
If you wrap your car key in aluminum you protect yourself from theft of malicious people – Motori.News

As in any area of ​​life, not all people act fairly. Indeed, Thieves or thieves are always present in every city with the aim of stealing your car. They have devised a plan to open the car equipped with this new and revolutionary technology with the wireless connection! Therefore, it is only apparently more secure than traditional keys. But how do they work? Why can the aluminum wrapped around the key protect you against theft? Here are the details on this story!

Some professional thieves, specializing in car theft, have ‘designed’ a machine capable of increasing the signal of the wireless connection. In practice, even at a distance of several meters from the car, the key could be unlocked by simply pressing the button on the door. The thieves, therefore, could act undisturbed and steal your car even under the house!

Sometimes, in fact, the signal can extend up to several tens of meters. To avoid receiving nasty surprises at home or in the office, it may be advisable to follow a simple and trivial trick! And here comes aluminum to help you. By wrapping the key in 2 sheets of aluminum foil, in fact, there will be greater protection for radio waves. What does it mean?

Aluminum car key
Car key wrapped in aluminum – Motori.News

Aluminum ‘disturbs’ and limits the wireless signal. In a practical and economical way, therefore, you can save your car from the theft of malicious people! Another tip could be to have a metal wallet. By placing the key inside this wallet, you will limit the spread of the signal and you will always be safe!

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