Secret button on the dashboard of the car, this is the only one that saves you a lot of money

Some experts have revealed the existence of a specific button in the car that can help reduce fuel consumption. Let’s quickly discover this simple but unknown trick to most motorists.

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As the price of fuel remains high, drivers are always looking for effective ways to reduce gasoline or diesel consumption as much as possible. On many occasions we realize that our car consumes more fuel than the values ​​indicated by the manufacturer.

And this perhaps stems from some unintended bad habits. Particularly this craze of using the air conditioning excessively.

Trick saves gasoline

Motorists continue to complain about this huge increase in fuel prices. However, many of them are completely unaware that there are various ways to get around this and save money.

Let’s take for example, most modern cars have a special button which allows you to reduce this consumption, especially for short trips. According to experts, this element will not only help you reduce the amount of gasoline consumedbut it will also provide you with a more comfortable ride and a more pleasant atmosphere in the cabin.

As any motorist knows, theair conditioning system significantly affects the amount of fuel in the car. It usually works by heating or cooling the air that comes from outside. The specialists are clear: this method consumes a lot of fuel, especially if you permanently use the air conditioning in your vehicle.

Now let’s see how, with a simple gesture, you can change the situation!

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The button in the car that helps you reduce fuel consumption

Not all drivers know that there is a strategic button in most modern cars. In fact, it allows them to choose the option for the air conditioning system they prefer. When activated, this button will recirculate the air in the car, helping you to reduce fuel consumption.

It will in fact have the task of sucking the air through the air intakes. In other words, the air conditioning system will not use the outside air. Because, more often than not, what consumes the most gasoline or diesel is this process by which the air is extracted from the outside, then heated or cooled inside.

This button it is usually located near the dial of the air conditioner which allows the driver to choose the car’s interior temperature. According to experts, it will therefore help to reduce the strain on the vehicle’s engine so much and thus not to consume too much fuel.

The same principle works for electric cars which will use less battery.

“The air compressor needs energy for the car’s air conditioning system to function properly. It will therefore use a small amount of fuel every time the system activates. This could increase fuel consumption by 10%. And the effects are evident when it comes to short trips, ”he said Bradley Jando by Kwik Fit.

So if you want to save some fuel, this little air recycle button will come in very handy.

Don’t abuse the air conditioning

Even if you use car air, the air conditioning system still consumes an extra amount of fuel. Therefore, experts recommend using this system only in case of great need.

“Use the air conditioning only if you really need it, because it uses the power of the engine. Thus, the fuel consumption increases. This is true for both cooling and heating ”, say the experts.

Such advice is particularly important, especially at the present time in history when the price of fuel has risen considerably.

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