Tea bag hanging from the rearview mirror, because it is so important to do so

Today it is not difficult to see cars with a tea bag hanging inside. Probably nobody knows, but tea has many advantages, which can be exploited in the kitchen, in the garden to repel insects, to carry out maintenance work at home. In short, a tea bag has a thousand uses and they are all unsuspected.

Rearview mirror
Tea bag hanging from the mirror – Motori.news

Here because once the drink has been preparedit is advisable not to throw away the sachet which appears to be unusable but which can actually solve a thousand problems.

One of the problems he manages to solve has to do with the machineinside the cockpit is more than productive, it can be placed on the dashboard to suck in bad smells, or to absorb moisture.

Alternatively it can be used as a deodorant in the rooms or inside the passenger compartment itself. The effect of the tea bag in the car can last for a month.

How to best use the tea bag and enjoy its many benefits

The first thing to do to fully enjoy its properties is to clean the interior of the car, eliminating dirt, crumbs and dust, with particular attention paid to carpets and seats. Before hanging the tea bag these must be clean, pure and fragrant.

Once done you choose the sachet of the aroma you prefer. AndIf it has been used to prepare the drink, before being hung, it must be allowed to dry, then it is positioned either on the dashboard or hung on the rear-view mirror, as desired. Care should be taken to replace it regularly, at least once a month, if you want to keep the interior fresh and fragrant because the smell goes away almost immediately becoming less and less intense.

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Other uses of the tea bag

If you don’t have the habit of drinking tea, you can also use a new sachet, use it in the same way, hang it on the mirror or place it on the dashboard, the effect you get is stunning.. If, on the other hand, you find some tea bags that are not really palatable, to consume them anyway you can put them in a paper bag adding herbs, herbs of any kind are fine. In this way they perfume the rooms and even manage to deodorize the refrigerator.

A tea bag is able to remove the smell of mold from any environment, even inside the wardrobe where bad smells are really dangerous because they ruin the linen. Many other products can be used to perfume the car and ingredients that we use in the kitchen for example the sodium bicarbonate which absorbs bad odors and thus deodorizes any environment.

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