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Perhaps not everyone knows that the options regarding the renewal of the license change according to one’s age. In fact, the more you get older, the more you will need to be careful about the expiration date of your driving license. The renewal, in fact, will be done more frequently after the age of 50. Let’s shed light on this story that often creates confusion in citizens!

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The driving license is the document necessary to use the car or one’s own motorized vehicle. Something absolutely essential to always carry in your wallet, in order to avoid unpleasant penalties! But we must also be careful about the validity of this document.

Many people, in fact, continue to drive their car not realizing that they cannot do it. Indeed, the driving license has an expiry date and it is essential to always make sure that it is still valid! An expired driving license, in fact, is worth the same as an unowned document. Anyone who should be ‘pinched’ with their expired document risks facing a heavy fine.

It, in fact, part from 160 euros and in some cases it can lead to real withdrawal of the document for a few months. In fact, anyone who is stopped without a valid document commits a serious violation of the Highway Code! This doesn’t have to be intentional. Some distracted people, in fact, may not renew their driving license for simple forgetfulness!

How to avoid being caught unprepared? What if you are over 50? Here’s everything you need to know!

License renewal and expiry over 50 years: here’s what to know to avoid being caught unprepared!

Each driving license can be taken from a certain age. For instance, in Italy to be able to drive a car, you must be over 18 years old. After having successfully taken the theoretical and practical exams, it will therefore be possible to obtain this very important one document. It has a maturity of 10 years. At that point, it will be necessary to renew the license! But what happens from the age of 50 onwards?

Driving license over 50
License renewal and expiry over 50: here is everything you need to know to avoid being caught unprepared – Motori.News

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that the 10-year license expiration is not valid for everyone. In fact, it is active from 18 to 50 years old. The over 50s, in fact, will have to renew their driving document every 5 years and no longer every 10! An information that escapes many, causing some unconscious discomfort!

In fact, many people do not regularly check the expiration date on their driving license and can face fines and problems because of this. It therefore becomes very important not to be caught unprepared and to proceed promptly with the renewal of the guide document!

From the age of 70 onwards, however, the renewal is fixed every 3 years up to the age of 80! The renewal of the license is important not to do it at the last moment. The practice, in fact, may have started even four months earlier.

For the renewal of the license it is essential to make a medical examination in reference to the sight of the ASL doctor. If the citizen is in possession of all the right psychophysical requirements, then he will be able to benefit from the renewal of the license!

The costs of the renewal are between 100 and 130 euros, while the medical examination has a cost of around 70 euros. To these will be added the 6.80 euros of shipping costs – the license arrives home within 5 working days – the 10.20 euros to pay the rights of the motorization and the 16 euros for the revenue stamp!

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