nobody knows its function

The red arrow on the fuel gauge tells us how much gasoline or diesel is apparently useless: it actually has a specific function.

Red Arrow
Red arrow –

The dashboard of our carespecially the rear window which includes the odometer and various indicators, including the fuel one, appears to be devoid of secrets.

To tell the truth, if you ask around and start questioning relatives and acquaintances you will find that not everyone knows the smallest details that a car can hide. Some things sometimes seem really meaningless to us, put there for embellishment and without a specific function.

There reality is quite different, because in such a complex vehicle every little detail has a concept behind it, perhaps hidden, but certainly well studied and designed to support the motorist in the various stages of the life of his car. Among these is the red arrow placed on the fuel gauge symbol.

What is the red arrow on the fuel gauge for?

We talked about a red arrow, yes, because in most modern cars, unless they are equipped with a fully digital dashboard, it is the color chosen by the manufacturers. Sometimes it can be whitethe fact is that the location is always the same: next to the fuel pump symbol.

Fuel gauge
Fuel gauge without arrow –

What is it for? It is soon said. Surely you have happened to go to the nearest filling station and not remember which side the cap was on. Well, the arrow is for this: Facing left or right will help you immediately remember which way to park to make refueling easier.

It is a very small detail, but as you have seen it is very useful. As this is literally an indication printed on the dashboard, you don’t even need to turn on or keep the car running: you can see the arrow as many times as you want and thus immediately remember which side to fill up with petrol or diesel.

We know what you are thinking: my car is not stocked! True, it may happen that some cars do not have the arrow in the area of ​​the fuel gauge. It can be a choice of the manufacturer or one linked to the specific type of vehicle, in that case you’ll have to remember the old way: by looking at the side mirror or by getting out of the car directly.

Car dashboard
Modern car dashboard –

Furthermore, as mentioned, this indicator it can be completely missing even in the most modern cars equipped with a fully digital dashboardcertainly functional and spectacular to see, but which could disappoint us by the absence of a small and apparently insignificant arrow that actually has an extraordinary usefulness.

The next time you get in the car, therefore, try to pay attention to it and try to find out if your four-wheeled vehicle also includes the “mysterious”Red arrow in the fuel gauge or not.

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