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In the car there is a safer place, which can be used for the little ones. Not many know what it is that’s why it is better to inquire.

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The issue of the safety of transporting children by car is important for everyone. In fact, anyone before getting into the car wonders in which position it is better to place the children in order not to run any risk, neither in the case of short journeys, nor in the case of long journeys.

Meanwhile, the first thing to specify is that children must always travel seated in the child seat, because any other position can be dangerous. But the seat, where should it be placed to be safe?

What is the best position for children to travel in a car with a child seat

The best location it is not as the previous one usually thinks facing the street, but rear in a central position. If the car has an Isofix seat beltit is better to position the seat centrally even if the assembly is not easy and requires a lot of patience and free time. It is essential to be able to stop the seat in this position because according to recent research, it reduces the risk of death of children by 27%.

The seat should never be placed in the front positionespecially with the active airbag, in this case instead of saving your life it can put it at risk. The front position is not recommended for safety reasons for children under the age of 12 also because there is a risk of driver distraction.


How to place three children in a car in total safety

As a matter of convenience we recommend as an alternative to place the child seat on the rear seat on the passenger side. This can be useful in the first place if the Isofix coupling is not present and then also to get into the car the child from the side of the pavement which is certainly the safer side.

First of all you need to check that is mounted correctly because otherwise it could be particularly dangerous. All this applies when only one child has to get into the car. If three children are to be transported together for example a small child, an infant and a 4 year old, three seats cannot be fitted, also because there is no space. In this case, how is it right to proceed?

It is advisable to choose the best arrangement, i.e. the infant must be positioned behind the passenger side. The smallest child in the back position with respect to the driver’s side and the 4-year-old child in the front position, therefore next to the driver, but with the airbag deactivated and with the seat as far back as possible.

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