Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder RS Considered As Cayman GT4 RS Companion


With the Cayman GT4 RS, Porsche has finally incorporated the 911 GT3 engine into its baby sports car. Will the Boxster receive the same treatment? The answer must be definitely possible. drive.com.au chat with the company person in charge of GT cars. Andreas Preuninger says it’s technically possible, but a decision hasn’t been taken yet: “I can imagine something like that. I think it’s manageable and feasible and interesting, but it’s not confirmed.”

His sentiment was echoed by the VP of portfolio 718 and 911. Also spoke to Drive, Frank-Steffen Walliser said: “Technically, it’s possible. If we do, I don’t know. The question is where to position it.” He continued, if the light goes green, the 718 Boxster Spyder RS ​​will not be a track-focused car because it has a folding roof. He labeled it a “tremendous extension” of the RS lineup and that he would be “delighted” to see it happen.

On a related note, the Mission R concept is a sneak peek of the all-electric 718, but that doesn’t mean the ICE will be dropped overnight. Walliser told the same Australian publication that they “still have ideas, we’re not running out of ideas”. [for high-performance versions of the current Boxster and Cayman range].”

The Cayman and Boxster will exclusively switch to EV power sooner than the 911 as the larger sports car will retain its combustion engine for at least another decade. Walliser says weight and packaging remain the “enemy” and only after these issues are resolved will electric 911s be possible one day. Meanwhile, Porsche is keeping its options open by working on synthetic fuels in a bid to save ICE.

The company’s electric portfolio will grow by 2023 to include the next-generation Macan crossover. It will be sold alongside the petrol-fueled model for several years before the latter will be dropped entirely.


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