Watch Porsche 911, Taycan, Panamera, Cayenne, Boxster and Drag Race Macan

Porsche’s current lineup consists of a wide range of vehicles offering buyers of coupes, convertibles, sedans and crossovers of varying sizes and power outputs. In an exciting drag race, CarWow assembles the most powerful standard model in the brand’s lineup. The six vehicles on the runway are the 911 Turbo S, Taycan Turbo S, Panamera Turbo S, Cayenne Turbo GT, 718 Boxster GTS, and Macan GTS.

The competition starts with three drag races. During the first, the Tiger GTS had launch issues. Then, the Cayenne Turbo GT had a similar problem on the second attempt. Everything ended up going right the third time.

Watching the Porsche drag race three times shows how they perform against each other. The 911 Turbo S is definitely the fastest, and the Taycan is second. The Panamera and Cayenne occupy the center of the pack. Finally, there’s the Boxster, and the Tiger GTS is the slowest.

Next, they race three and a half miles from one throw. First time in normal mode in third gear. Then, they compete in a sports setting. Finally, the driver can select the gear to start.

At normal highway speeds, the Taycan slid forward. The 911 Turbo took the lead at over 100 miles per hour (161 kilometers per hour). The Cayenne GT finished third in one race, and the Panamera was in that position for the other two. Boxster and Tiger consistently complete the pack.

The braking test had surprising results. Despite its size and proportions, the Cayenne GT manages to stop in the shortest distance. The Panamera comes in second, and then, there’s the 911 Turbo. Taycan took fourth place. The next Boxster, and the last Tiger, once again.

We wonder if the outcome will change if the Cayman GT4 RS replaces the Boxster GTS for this challenge. Its 4.0-liter flat-six engine produces 493 horsepower (368 kilowatts), compared to 394 hp (294 kW) on the GTS model. This is still less than the 620-hp (463-kW) Panamera Turbo S but will help reduce the gap between them on the drag strip.

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