Clogged washer nozzles, if little water comes out, hurry up and do this: solve in a moment

Clogged washer nozzles is one of the most common problems that can happen to our car: with this trick you can solve it in an instant.

Clogged washer nozzles
Clogged washer nozzles – Motori.News

How many times has it happened to you that, in front of the dirty windshield, you tried to clean everything with the car window cleaner finding clogged nozzles? This is a fairly common occurrence among anyone who owns a car, especially if the right precautions are not taken for its use.

For this reason you know well that it is always good top up the tank with distilled watersuch as the one you would use for an iron: this helps prevent the build-up of limescale, which is the main cause of clogging, along with the excessive use of too aggressive or poor quality detergents and other types of dirt that can accumulate in the time, such as dust, sand and more.

Before proceeding, however, you need to be sure that the the problem is really related to the clogged washer nozzles. To be sure, therefore, you should first of all carry out a test: make sure that there is water in the tank and, if so, when you try to operate the system try to hear if the washer pump tries to operate. It could in fact be a glitch that would force you to hear from your mechanic.

Clogged washer nozzles
A windshield washer nozzle –

Once you are sure that everything is in order and that the problem seems to come from the nozzles, then we can proceed and explain to you. this trick that will help you get rid of the fouling and release the water supply.

How to free the clogged washer nozzles

The most effective way to unblock a clogged nozzle is to use the classic pin. That’s right: let’s take an extremely thin needle or pin that we can easily insert into the water vent holes. To avoid getting stung or losing the pin, better help you with plierswhich also gives you enough grip to carry out the operation.

Windshield washer nozzle
Windscreen washer nozzles in detail –

If the obstruction is in that area, you will see that on the next attempt the water will flow out normally, giving you a way to clean the windshield again. If not, we have to use a more drastic but equally effective method. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the engine compartment and try to locate where the rubber tube which carries water to the nozzles and disconnect it;
  2. Try to understand if water comes out of the hose when you operate the window cleaner: of course, be careful not to scratch the glass and that the wipers do not hit the raised hood;
  3. If you still can’t get the water out, try blow into it with compressed air in both directions of the tube. You should really hear the sound of something “unlocking”, like when we free a clogged sink.
Windscreen wipers
Windscreen wipers –

Once this is done you should have solved, because the remaining alternatives suggest a visit to a mechanic. To further “clean” the tube do dispense different water with detergent, always remembering to use the distilled one to prevent the problem from happening again. In this regard, it is also not recommended to use tablets to dissolve: always rely on certified and well-branded washer fluids.

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