Don’t throw away the corks, put them in your car: the reason will amaze you

Used corks can be useful at home in several ways: now, however, we want to surprise you by explaining how you could use them in the car.

Corks in the car
Corks in cars – Motori.News

The Cork it is the symbol of the holidays: how many times, after having uncorked the bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate an event, be it a graduation, a birthday or a New Year’s Eve, have we kept the cork as a souvenir and as a lucky charm?

In addition to an affective and superstitious question, however, there is also the ingenuity that leads us to take advantage of these caps for countless uses in the home. We could really list by the dozen, but in this case we prefer to focus on something different.

Did you know that Can corks, if put in the car, help you with bad smells? That’s right, thanks to the properties of cork that is able to absorb any type of unpleasant odor, so much so that it is often placed in the refrigerator for this purpose.

So is it enough to place some plugs in the car to have this incredible effect? Of course not and now we will explain how you should modify them and use them to succeed in our intent.

Use corks in your car to get rid of bad smells

To have the desired effect we must first take our cork or corks and cut them exactly in half. In the two ends that we will obtain then add the essential oil of our preference and keep them inside the objects compartment of our car.

This way the game will be done. The only care we must have is replace the caps every two or three days. This is why we talked about caps in the plural and our advice is to collect several in order to have a supply to use for this purpose.

Bottle cork stopper
Cork stopper extracted –

The action of the cork, combined with the essential oil we have chosen, will allow us in a short time not only to eliminate unpleasant odors but also to make our car smell the way we prefer. The effect, as mentioned, wears off quickly so we recommend that you prepare a good supply for this purpose.

Needless to say in case the car is too dirty you certainly cannot expect miracles: in that case we recommend, but we believe that for this you do not really need a suggestion, to go to your trusted car wash and thus eliminate any trace of dirt.

Then, once the car is clean, you can use the corks trick which will also allow you to save on the purchase of the usual fragrant saplingswhich have a relative duration and may even be inconvenient for some to use.

You prepare the caps at home, choose the fragrance they should emanate and make your car smell good. The same trick, if you prefer, you can also use it at home, perhaps to eliminate bad smells from some drawers or from the refrigerator. A method that costs little and is totally dependent on your imagination.

Corks in the car
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