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The seat belt is a device that can even save lives in the event of an accident.

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But unfortunately not everyone wears it and the wearer does it not in the correct way, but in the most comfortable way.

Actually wearing a seat belt is a must, which protects both the driver of the vehicle and the passengersnot only in the event of accidents, but also in the event of checks by the police, therefore for legal or insurance matters.

Seat belt, this is what article 172 of the Highway Code says

Until the 80s they were not compulsory, many cars in fact did not have them at all, others just because they were considered an optional for which they were paid separately. Over time with crash tests and various studies, it has been shown that seat belts as well as airbags save the lives of those traveling inside the vehicle, so they are essential. That is why they have become mandatory.

In Italy the highway code speaks about it, through article 172 which declares that all vehicles equipped with closed bodyworkmust be equipped with safety belts and those traveling inside the vehicle are obliged to use them in all conditions and in all situations.

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What happens if you travel with the seat belt not properly fastened

If you travel without wearing a seat belt, the fine can range from € 83 to € 323. The penalties increase or decrease according to the seriousness of the facts. For example, it is judged if the subject is not wearing the belt or if he wears it the wrong way, if he has had his driving license for about 3 years or less. THEIn this case, in reality, the amount of the fine always remains the same, while the points that are deducted from the license are double.

Then there are the cases in which there are minors in the car. If they suffer injuries caused by not wearing the belt or even die, it is called manslaughter and you run the risk of jail.

Then there are the fines for the belt is not worn correctly, so for example when the strap that surrounds the body is one and not two as it should be. In this case, the penalty that you risk ranges from € 40 to € 162. Finally, there is the fine for recidivism that comes if you are caught several times without a seat belt or if you wear it the wrong way. In this case, the suspension of the driving license is foreseen which can last from 15 days to two months.

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