Never put your feet on the dashboard of the car, the consequences can be dramatic

Putting your feet on the dashboard of the car is a habit that unites us all, anyone who has done it at least once in their life to get relief by looking for benefits that do not exist.

feet on the dashboard
feet on the dashboard – Motori.News

In fact it is about a position that can cause real tragedies, then and there you get the feeling of having your legs light and rested, of benefiting from the blood circulation. In reality this is not the case.

To do so, then to assume this incorrect position they are often tired passengers during the journey who are constantly looking for a comfortable position. For anyone, the comfortable position is to put the legs above the window or directly on the dashboard.

Which causes the driver’s irritation, anger and nervousness as he finds himself with dirty shoes resting on the clean dashboard. Pointing out that it is wrong is the minimum, unfortunately it is not always necessary.

Keeping your feet raised on the dashboard is dangerous, that’s why

It is good to know that this is a dangerous position for those who drive and for those traveling together, because in the event of an accident, whether the passenger airbag to be deployed could cause major damage. We remind you that the airbag has been designed to avoid too much damage in the event of a particularly violent impact. For this reason, it is activated when an accident occurs and protects the person from the force that is generated by his own body once he leaves the seat.

It only works properly if your feet are not resting on the dashboard or on the window. Unfortunately in that case it can happen that the legs have worse. It happens that the airbag pushes the body backwards, causing fractures and then breaking the bones of the pelvis, of the legs placed where they could not be, causing serious spinal injuries.

How it is better to travel so as not to risk consequences

That is why in order to avoid injuries due to the explosion of the airbag, it is recommended to pay always pay attention to movements that are done in the car while traveling. Same thing goes for the position you hold. Then it is recommended to use the seat belt which must be correctly fastened not only to comply with the law and avoid receiving high fines or the withdrawal of the license, but above all for health issues.

It is important to keep your feet flat on the mat, the back straight and not arched, in short, everything in its place. Only in this way can you truly protect yourself from the risk of serious or less serious accidents or collisions.

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