VW Group Dealers Notifying People Their New Car Burned Out In Ship Fire


On February 16, a Panamanian-flagged car carrier caught fire about 90 nautical miles southwest of the Azores in the Atlantic. Felicity Ace is on its way from Germany to the US, carrying a brand new Volkswagen Group vehicle. There is no detailed information regarding the number of vehicles and their specific make and model preliminary estimate suggesting losses from the crash could be as high as $335 million.

Volkswagen Group dealers in the United States are currently contacting a customer whose vehicle is in a carrier car. Cars from Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini were reportedly brought to North America from Germany, although a large fire likely meant most of them were completely destroyed. This is certainly bad news for car manufacturers because they are already facing serious supply difficulties, causing production disruptions.

“This will cause more delivery delays because we now have one less carrier,” said a Porsche dealer from the Philadelphia suburb. Automotive News. To compensate customers for an expected four-month delay in the delivery of its new Cayenne, dealers must upgrade the vehicle to Platinum trim at no cost. “Platinum is more expensive than the original order. But we keep the same price for the customer.”

Felicity Ace was carrying a combustion and electric vehicle but the cause of the fire is still unknown at this time. The official press release from yesterday, issued on special website, claiming “no confirmed oil leaks from the ship, and the ship’s stability remains stable.” A rescue boat with towing capability is on its way and rescue crews are hoping to board today to attach tow lines. Another rescue ship is scheduled to arrive on February 26.


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