Telepass, where should it really be placed? Nobody really knows

Telepass is a system that is used to pay on the motorway and it really works 100% only if it is positioned in a certain way, that is, in a position that not everyone knows.

telepass where to place it
telepass where to place

The one made available by Telepass has been a widespread service in Italy for many years and allows you to pay the toll on the motorway automatically, without having to stop at the toll booth, so jumping the queue, passing through the toll booth with the yellow stripes dedicated to the service.

It is a box that is placed in the car or on any other vehicle. This communicates with the motorway toll booth, when the car passes into the dedicated lane, it is recognized, the bar rises and registers the passage. At this point, the cost of the toll is charged directly to the current account associated with the box.

How Telepass works and where it should be placed to avoid problems

All of this it only works if the Telepass is placed in the exact position. The correct position is the rear of the rearview mirror positioned in the center of the car. In particular, the Telepass should be positioned right where there are the black dots. Only this position has been designed to guarantee the correct functioning of the Telepass sensors and should always be respected to avoid running into various malfunctions, incorrect charges, double charges, etc.

Instead, it should never be placed on the dashboard, on the lower part of the windshield where it may not receive and send signals, or near the air vents or even in the hand or next to another Telepass. All these positions hinder sending the signal of the passage of the vehicle. In modern cars, there is usually already a space ready to accommodate the Telepass, so nothing simple. Just place it in the indicated area and that’s it. Alternatively, just follow the advice and place it behind the mirror in correspondence with the dots. Any problem is solved.

Where to request the activation of the telepass to skip the line

Those who do not have it yet, but for work reasons or for any other reason are forced to always move from one city to another passing the motorway, in order to have the Telepass and the season ticket, you just have to ask for it by going to the bank.

Be careful because not all banks offer this service, there are some that are enabled. Finally, you can also go to the post offices, or you can send the request directly online or to the Punto Blu, an office located in large cities.

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