Put a clothespin on the air conditioning vent, you will never stop doing it

There are many curiosities related to the operation of your machine or to other more practical or comfort aspects. One of them refers to using a normal clothespin inside your car! It may sound strange, but how can this element greatly improve anything when attached to the air conditioning vent? Here’s everything you need to know!

Air conditioning union clip
Air conditioning union clip

How can a clothespin serve anything inside your car? In this article we will introduce you to a ‘special’ feature of this simple element present in the homes of every person! You will be surprised and you will no longer be able to give up the clothespin in the car!

The function of the clothespin is to ‘lock’ the clothes on the drying rack and therefore favor the drying of them in the sun without running the risk of falling to the ground! But this is not the only functionality of the clothespin. Itindeed, it can also be useful inside your car!

Especially in the winter months, changing the air inside the car can become problematic. The reason is related to the cold and low temperatures. Lowering the windows becomes uncomfortable for this factor! Very often, therefore, we come across odors that are not exactly pleasant, without too many possibilities to circulate the air in every situation!

But what can the clothespin do? What happens if you place it in contact with the air vent inside your car? Now we explain everything to you in detail!

Wooden clothespin on the air conditioner nozzle: that’s what it’s for!

Getting behind the wheel with not too pleasant smells present in the interior of your car can become very unpleasant. In fact, you don’t always have the time and opportunity to bring your car to wash. A deodorant can do away with temporarily blocking unpleasant odors. But do you know that there is a more economical and natural solution? What can a normal clothespin do?

Air vent clip
Clothespin on the air nozzle: this is what it can be used for – Motori.News

If you do not have a deodorant and you have not had time and opportunity to wash the interior of your car, a clothespin – preferably wooden! In fact, thanks to an incredible trick, you can place this element on the air outlet to improve the air in the environment of your car! But how will the clothespin work best?

It will not be enough to simply hook the clip to the nozzle. Indeed, before placing it on this element, it will be essential to sprinkle a few drops of natural oils or fragrances on the clothespin! Once you have placed the clip on the nozzle, you can turn on the hot air (in winter) or the air conditioning (in summer)! At this point a fragrant air will emanate from the grill! It will expand and make the indoor environment more comfortable!

A move as simple as it is brilliant! You no longer have to use chemical deodorants. All you need is a clothespin and an aromatic oil to ensure more breathable air. Which fragrance to use? There are many different flavors on the market! For the internal environment of a machine we can recommend lavender or cinnamon. But a lot will also depend on your needs and tastes!

The use of the clothespin may be a bit unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view, but certainly very functional in reference to the air. When the interior is comfortable again, you can remove the clip and place it in the drawer on the passenger side! It can come in handy at other times!

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