Blue speed cameras, do you know what they are really for? Other than fines: you will not believe it

Not all speed cameras are the same. In fact, on the streets it will be possible to spot devices of various shapes and colors. But do you know the differences between the blue and orange speed cameras? Here’s everything you need to know about these tools designed for monitoring speed and its limits!

Blue speed camera
Blue speed cameras –

The Speed ​​Cameras are those devices installed on different road arteries designed for accurately monitor the speed of each motorized vehicle circulating in a specific section! It is based on the emission of a double parallel laser beam, so that it can ‘photograph’ the license plate of any vehicle!

Whoever exceeds the speed limits – within a certain tolerance threshold – runs into road fines of varying amounts based on the speed actually detected by the device! Speed ​​cameras are a real bugbear for millions of Italians at the wheel on our roads every day!

The notification of the fine arrives directly at the offender’s home. To be valid, it must be delivered within 90 days. The driver caught in the act by this speed detection system is forced to pay the penalty. There are some cases, however, in which it will be possible to appeal. In fact, it is mandatory that the device is really visible and marked with special signs on both carriageways. Furthermore, it must be regularly calibrated and approved!

But do you know that not all speed cameras are the same? Here we explain the differences between blue and orange devices!

Speed ​​cameras, here is the true function of a particular device: you will not believe your eyes!

Both blue and orange speed cameras are present to a large extent on the roads of our country. They differ in color, but not in shape. Indeed, they have a column structure and are always marked several hundred meters earlier on both carriageways. This indication is essential to avoid that a motorist sees the device at the last minute and is forced to brake suddenly, causing safety risks! But what differentiates a blue-colored device from an orange-colored one?

Orange speed camera
Orange speed camera: its function will surprise you – Motori.News

Let’s start with Blue speed camera. Inside the column in this case there will always be a camera with laser and infrared technology. They are active 24 hours a day and do not require the presence of the traffic police for their operation. In short words, they are the real speed cameras, able to detect every user above the speed limits at any time and in any visibility conditions!

The orange colored speed cameras, on the other hand, have a different function than the blue ones. It might upset you, but such devices – present very often on Italian roads – their main function is to scare only motorists! In fact, they are real bollards, since in most cases they do not have active fixed cameras!

These devices, in fact, most of the time they can sanction the driver over the speed limits only if activated by a nearby patrol or by the police on the spot!

Regardless of the type of speed cameras and their specific function, we always reiterate that it is essential to always respect the speed limits and not only in the presence of such devices! This move is very important and can guarantee maximum safety for both you and the other ‘inhabitants’ of the streets!

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