Forbidden to use WhatsApp in the car, if you use the application it’s your business: what happens

We are all hyper-technological, so no one is able to live without whatsapp, internet, social networks. In short, our life today totally depends on smartphones and technology without which practically nothing can be done.

It is forbidden to use Whatsapp in the car
It is forbidden to use Whatsapp in the car – Motori.News

Yet you have to know that there are times when technology should not be used for no reason in the world unless you want to risk not only a hefty fine, but also a dismissal.

In general it is better not to use the Smartphone, in particular it is good to avoid whatsapp especially in some circumstances.

The driver of public transport cannot use Whatsapp while at work

For example the driver of a means of public transportabsolutely cannot use Whatsapp even to send audio because if he is surprised, especially in the event of an accident, you risk losing your job.

Yes it has responsibility for the life of other people at any time, for this it is of fundamental importance to avoid distractions, even if of very short duration. This law has never changed over the years, it has always been the same. This obviously applies not only to those who drive heavy vehicles, but also to those who drive a car or a scooter and those who enter the road and into traffic anywhere and at any time.

Obviously the rule is well defined and much more important for those traveling on board a heavy vehicle than it can cause more serious accidents due to minor distractions. We all agree that an accident caused by a bus or a truck is different from an accident caused by a 500 or a panda.

Because the driver cannot use whatsapp

Drivers who drive some means they cannot go out even one iota, they cannot get distracted at any time not even to answer a call or a message. An ordinary citizen who drives his small car, if he causes accidents because he uses his cell phone, has both civil and criminal responsibilities, especially in the case of road murder.

The professional driver as well as all this he also risks losing his job. This is what was established by the Court of Cassation. If you make sure that the driver was connected to Whatsapp shortly before the accident, the situation becomes really difficult for him, especially if the vehicle he drives is not only used for the transport of goods, but also for the transport of people.

Those who choose to work as a driver know well that they accept specific responsibilities, both for themselves and for others. In fact, due to a trivial mistake, he can even end up without a job out of the blue.

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