What is the difference between regular and premium fuel? Nobody knew: absurd

Fuel is not always the same. You will surely have noticed the various differences present at each distributor. They do not only refer to the price, but also to other aspects. Why will a regular fuel be different than a premium one? Here is the detailed explanation of this ‘dark’ aspect for many motorists!

Premium fuel
Premium fuel – Motori.News

Refueling in this particular historical moment is increasingly difficult. We refer to the incredible soaring prices per liter of fuel after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the resulting international instability! The cost per liter of petrol and diesel has reached very high levels and only some ‘help’ from the Government is slightly limiting the outlay at each full tank!

We refer to the cut in excise duties, a measure that has made it possible to reduce the price per liter of diesel and petrol by about 30 cents. Nevertheless, refueling is becoming a real ‘burden’ for millions of motorists.

But are you aware of some differences between the various fuels? As you have surely noticed, every petrol station allows its customers to choose which fuel to put in their tank! You will not be able – obviously – to switch from diesel to petrol at will. Each car will be able to use only one type of fuel in order not to ruin everything!

However, you can choose whether to use regular or premium fuel! Are you aware of the difference between these two elements? Now we will explain to you in detail how they differ!

Regular or premium fuel? Here are the differences between these two types!

Regardless of whether you have a diesel or petrol powered car, at each distributor you can always choose whether to put a traditional or premium fuel in the tank. But how do they differ from each other? What should you put in your car? Here’s what you need to know!

Premium fuel
What’s the difference between regular and premium fuel? Here’s what you need to know about it – Motori.News

Many motorists wonder if it is actually worth choosing a premium fuel over a classic one. The reason is mainly related to an economic aspect! Indeed, a premium fuel will cost on average about 10-15 cents per liter higher than a regular fuel! One thing to definitely keep in mind, especially in such a heavy moment linked to price increases and inflation!

The main difference lies in the octane number. Premium fuel has a higher octane rating than classic fuel! Usually, it is 95, while in the premium it can even reach 100! This higher number indicates that this fuel will greatly improve the performance of your car. Because?

A premium fuel will be able to guarantee more power and better combustion. This added fuel also ensures a smoother ride and promotes cold starts! But the benefits aren’t over! Indeed, a premium fuel it will greatly reduce consumption and polluting emissions. In addition, it will guarantee longer life for your car, since it will be better able to protect the engine.

Fuel difference
Difference between the various types of fuel – Motori.News

A premium fuel is especially ideal for high-performance cars, while you will see much less difference between the various fuels if you drive a low-displacement car! Also, as already mentioned, even if your car runs on diesel you can choose a premium fuel. In addition to all the advantages already listed, such fuel will have excellent cleaning action on the engine injectors.

The ‘life’ of your car will therefore be longer! Is it worth spending more money on each refueling to ensure this? As mentioned, a lot will depend on the type of car at your disposal! And what do you think?

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