Hidden speed cameras and bad cars, a sea of ​​fines: be careful when you pass by here

Speed ​​cameras and owl cars hidden around the streets to photograph those who do not respect the law and run too much. This is what is happening in Switzerland where the Cantonal Police has obtained 900 speed detectors ready to judge motorists who do not respect the imposed speed limits.

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In Switzerland, anyone who makes the mistake of not respecting the speed limits is committing a really serious crime, followed by deadly consequences.

At the expense of passing motorists, all those who work in Switzerland and who are used to braking one step away from speed cameras in Italy, to avoid getting a fine. In Switzerland it is difficult to do soor because speed cameras are often hidden and therefore not reported.

The high fines from 2014 to today are 4 million and are also growing

Over 4 million fines have been raised from 2014 to today, probably over the next few months they will increase substantially precisely because the Police now have some detectors available to which nothing escapes. The Swiss Touring Club has warned motorists that on the Swiss roads, there are speed detectors that catch all the cars that they exceed 120 km per hour and are not even seen.

Rules are rules, this is why they must be respected regardless of whether or not there are speed detectors of any kind. Swiss motorists in particular know how much it costs to get a driving license. It takes 3 years and € 3300, losing it in just one minute for a minimal mistake is easy.

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Where speed cameras are placed on Swiss roads

In Switzerland at the moment there are speed detectors everywhere, even there may be police radars hidden in the garbage can or on a tree. Some are shaped like a panettone, others are positioned behind the windows well camouflaged and difficult to notice. In particular, these are present in the Canton of Ticino, much frequented by Italian tourists who go to visit friends or relatives.

There are radars everywhere, mobile stations are concealed in practically any way. There are 900 devices assigned to the police, who can place them where they want and how they want. These 900 were joined by the 4 lasers, the 5 fixed devices and the two wave detectors with 13 owl cars that monitor the speed and photograph all the offenders.

The cantonal police managed to reach an agreement with the residents to place devices behind windows or in gardens. While a fine in Italy can be overturned if the radar is not signaled within a few km, in Switzerland this is legal and it is not possible to appeal.

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