Why is it important to have salad tongs in the car? They save your life

Strange as it may seem, having salad tongs in your car can come in handy in a thousand situations.

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In addition to the usual documentation and safety equipment, there are often unusual gadgets in cars. It often happens to wonder what they are for and why the owners of the vehicle keep them there, creating chaos and confusion.

At first glance they seem useless, in reality they are not at all, indeed they help to solve many problems, but this can only be discovered later, or when they are needed.

Salad tongs that’s what they are for in the car

In particular the salad tongs, they can be considered practically a life saver. Apparently, in fact, they are not only used to serve appetizers, they can also be kept inside the glove box and prove to be incredibly useful at certain times of the day. For example at the entrance to a parking lot or at the motorway exit often you are so far from the terminal, so getting the ticket becomes difficult.

The scenario that is created is always the same, the vehicle is approached as close as possible to the distributor, but always staying a bit far away so as not to scratch the bodywork. When you roll down the window and take your arm out, you realize that the terminal is actually too far away. For this, the pe seat belt must be unfastenedr lean out of the window better being freer or even get out of the vehicle to collect the ticket or to pay. All of this is annoying not only for themselves, but also for drivers who are standing in line behind their vehicle.

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How to use salad tongs

Here’s when and how a salad tongs could come in handy. If the pliers are in the dashboard, just open the drawer, take them and use them as an extension. In this way you can take money or a ticket, without problems at any distance simply by pulling out the arm a little, the pliers will do the rest.

Obviously the salad tongs are not the only kitchen accessory and not only that, which can be found in the car, there is also the garbage can. Few have it, yet it can serve in many situations, especially when you have children on board.

Just place it in a convenient and practical part of the car, for example next to the gearbox, to avoid littering around or worse than throwing it out the window polluting the environment.

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