Petrol, if you want to save money, go ONLY at this speed: if you exceed it, you spend twice as much

Today what really matters a lot for all Italian motorists and beyond is saving on cars and fuel because the prices of petrol and diesel have skyrocketed.

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In this regard, many choose to do not use the machine for short trips, within one city or from one city to another, preferring to use public transport and renounce their independence.

This is because in the first place, there is fuel savings. Today, filling up with fuel means spending a lot of money, which sometimes you don’t even have. But be careful, why there are some tricks that allow you to save important figures, simply by changing the driving style.

That is why more fuel is consumed at a certain speed. How to save

Smaller cars, they are also more aerodynamic, have to maintain high speeds to be more efficient than larger vehicles. But ecological driving is in the first place, especially in these years when we talk about nothing but this. So responsible driving, which reduces fuel consumption and gas emissions, as well as the risk of road accidents, is what everyone is aiming for.

To save money and not pollute the environment, you should drive at an average speed of 80 km per hour rather than 90 km per hour. This way you can save at least € 120 of fuel. On the motorway, you should drive 10 km per hour less than the speed you usually maintain, to save at least one liter of petrol every 100 km.

When more fuel is consumed while driving a vehicle

More fuel is consumed when driving while maintaining an average speed ranging from 50 to 95 km per hour. The faster you go, the greater the resistance that the vehicle imposes on the wind, consequently the greater the friction that consumes the tires and the fuel itself.

To maximize both car and fuel efficiency you must always maintain a certain range and level of speed, which allow not to influence consumption. For example, when accelerating or decelerating aggressively, more fuel is consumed because the pedal is pressed all the way down, also risking damaging it in the long run.

Consequently, the injectors pump so much fuel even more than what is needed, the combustion speed increases, greater acceleration is obtained, it seems to be a satisfactory result, but in reality it is not, indeed it will be necessary to run for cover in order not to remain on foot because it is dry of gasoline.

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