Goodbye Telepass, there is an alternative way: you will not waste money anymore

Good news, especially for all those who use the Telepass service very often, even on a daily basis. Expect to save with this news we are about to give you. Gone are the days when paying a Telepass was like a tax.

No more telepass
No more telepass – Motori.News

Among the typical expenses of the motorist there is certainly the Telepass. Not all, of course, but many benefit. The latter has always been like a tax at a predetermined price for each single transit or subscription. But now things seem to have finally changed.

Since last spring the well-known insurance company Unipol has made its foray into the electronic tariff market, a gesture that has certainly benefited the consumer.

About Telepass

The Telepass monopoly (founded by the Autotrade Group in 1997 and owned 51% by Atlantia, the Benetton family holding, and 49% by the Partners Group) to manage motorway toll booths without stopping to pay the toll, after a quarter century of activity, has really come to an end.

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Here are the latest news

The first part of the changes already arrived last spring and we are now seeing some interesting developments. Since last spring, in fact, UnipolSaia well-known insurance company, entered the electronic toll marketmaking the area already with some competition, which has benefited the consumer.

Now, the entrance of the brand MooneyGo it creates a truly competitive market with even more obvious benefits for users wishing to access it. All this will be possible not only for the terms of the offer MooneyGo is preparing to launch, but also due to the general market conditions that will undoubtedly vary.

The brand is managed by Mooney, a bank specializing in electronic payments. He recently launched the card “VR46“, Dedicated to the champion Valentino Rossi. It is also already present in the mobility sector, with the parking payment app MyCicero. And now she is preparing to continue her journey as the protagonist of the electronic toll market.

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The conditions of this alternative route

As the new company awaits its debut, it brings us to the knowledge that it will focus on capillarity, surely one of its strengths. In fact, the devices for the payment of electronic tolls branded MooneyGo, can be requested in 45,000 points sale, including bars and tobacconists. It is an authoritative operator in terms of competitiveness, especially considering that it was born from the merger of SisalPay and Banca 5 (the latter belonging to the Intesa San Paolo group) in 2019.

Also, at the end of July, Understanding San Paulo and Enerx have fully taken over the shares of the company. For users, the rates will be competitive and “flexible”. This can be deduced from the statements of the CEO Emilio Petrone. This way, drivers wishing to apply for MooneyGo’s services have a range of options available to suit their individual needs.

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