VW Teams Up With Technology Company Xanadu To Develop Better EV Batteries

The development of better and more efficient batteries in the automotive industry is an endless race in which basically every major automaker participates. Volkswagen is seeking support from outside the industry and has signed an agreement with Canadian quantum technology company Xanadu. The two companies will work together to develop better, safer, lighter, and more cost-effective battery materials.

The Toronto-based technology company focuses on cloud-accessible photonic quantum computers and develops open-source software for quantum machine learning and simulated quantum photonic devices. Volkswagen will use its expertise to reduce computing costs and accelerate the adoption of quantum computers in its EV battery research and development team. Ultimately, the German automaker wants to achieve a more accurate and efficient simulation of battery materials.

Volkswagen and Xanadu have been involved in different research activities across materials science and battery technology and have set the basis for the program’s long-term research path. Under the new agreement, the two companies will work together to develop advanced quantum algorithms to simulate battery materials. Calculations and simulations will be processed by Xanadu’s next-generation fault-tolerant quantum computer.

“With its New Auto strategy, Volkswagen is entering new territory, particularly in terms of exploring opportunities along the battery value chain. High-performance materials and next-generation electrochemical processes are the main ingredients of this expedition,” commented Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Volkswagen Group Head of Innovation.

This new partnership not only gives Volkswagen access to technology for more accurate simulation and investigation of computational problems, but also supports the automaker’s goal of becoming a data and software provider in an era of sustainable mobility. Volkswagen also has a pilot program with the Canadian Government to promote electric mobility in the country. Canada is one of the leaders in the quantum technology space thanks to the massive investments made by the government in recent years.

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