these fines can no longer be canceled

The Court of Cassation has opted for a choice that is causing tremendous discussion. From now on it will be very difficult to cancel a fine notified after the detection of the Speed ​​Camera in a specific case! What is it about? Here’s everything that happened in detail!

Speed ​​camera fines
Speed ​​camera fines –

The fines that are notified through Speed ​​Cameras they are very unpleasant to receive. Very often the speed limit exceeded is so negligible that it arouses anger in motorists. The rules, however, must always be respected, so as to always guarantee road safety both for you and for other pedestrians and motorists!

In some cases, however, the user can contest the fine with Speed ​​Cameras. For example, when they are hidden from the user’s view or when there is no previous type of sign indicating the presence of the device speed detection! Furthermore, it must necessarily be positioned on both carriageways!

But what is the Speed ​​Camera? A real device capable of detecting the speed of all vehicles circulating on a specific stretch of road, by emitting and receiving two laser beams. The police use these devices to detect the license plate of every vehicle in transit!

From today, however, there is a novelty decided by a ruling of the Court of Cassation. Here are in which cases it will not be possible to appeal. Some fines notified with Speed ​​Cameras, in fact, can no longer be canceled! Let’s find out everything there is to know!

Speed ​​cameras: that’s when you can no longer appeal against fines!

If you think that the fine you have received is absolutely unjustified or if there are the details to be able to appeal, then you can apply within one month of notification of it! We have already mentioned the cases indicating the absence of signs or the device not perfectly visible. But it can also be used if a speed camera is not perfectly calibrated. In fact, every device must necessarily be approved by the Ministry of Transport!

Speed ​​Cameras
Fines with speed cameras: this is when it will no longer be possible to appeal against the cancellation – Motori.News

There is, however, a case in which it will no longer be possible to appeal. In fact, a sentence by the Court of Cassation caused a town in Sardinia to lose the case in the last few hours. What are we referring to?

Until recently, in fact, a sanction notified by a device hired from a private company could be annulled after the user had lodged an appeal. Indeed, such private companies would receive gains on each infringement. But from Sardinia a sentence of the Court of Cassation has completely overturned everything. What happened?

Back in 2008, a Sardinian citizen contested a speed camera penalty because the local authority had rented the device. Therefore, it was not managed directly by the “traffic police body”. The appeal was accepted at the time. The Justice of the Peace, however, canceled everything and the specific case lasted for even ten years! The sentence was overturned and the Court of Cassation in the last hours confirmed everything after 14 years!

This final ruling, therefore, no longer admits of replies in this respect. The Speed ​​Cameras penalty is valid even if the device has been rented!

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