Dear fuels, get ready for a new price sting from October 31st: what will happen?

Day 31 October there will be the deadline for the cut in excise duties, as a result of this there could be a real blow to fuel prices and the Italians could again find themselves in complete difficulty.

expensive fuel

In the next few there will be many increases, which will not only have to do with petrol, diesel and diesel but in general with any product, food or otherwise.

Those who until now have found themselves in difficulty having to do the shopping, will have to face something more important, unmanageable and serious soon. At the moment, just take a tour of the supplies, to notice how petrol and diesel have almost reached € 2 per liter even at self-service.

What will happen starting from October 31st and how much the cost of fuel will arrive

Next 31 October, or in less than two weeks, there will be the deadline for the cut in excise duties of 30.5 cents per liter on both diesel and petrol, so the situation will be totally out of control. Meanwhile, the formation of the new government is on the high seas, which it’s not good at all.

The executiveor he will immediately find himself dealing with the difficult issue of cutting excise duties and expensive fuels, will have to handle a nice hot potato right away. What is being evaluated is an extension until December, to go to the rescue of all the families who have found themselves managing a very difficult situation in recent months due to the war and the post-pandemic.

The costs of petrol, diesel and diesel at self-service

The problem is not a small one, petrol at the self-service at the moment has reached 1.70 meters cents, diesel is almost 1.89 cents. Probably if the cut in excise duties were not to be extended starting from November 1st, we could find ourselves filling up with petrol at the self service at over € 2 per liter, diesel at over € 2.20. The scenario is certainly dramatic.

Meanwhile, from day to day, let there be gasoline, that diesel and diesel fuel increased by one cent. On 15,000 plants yesterday, gasoline stood at € 1.704, diesel at € 1.885 at self-service, while gasoline was at 1.845 per liter, diesel at 2.018 per liter and LPG at 0.785.

Those who today choose to do not use the car to travel around the city or from one city to another, preferring to refer to public transport, they will probably continue on this road at least until the end of the year. This is to avoid having to choose between shopping or fueling.

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