Highway Code, if you do not do it within a few days you risk almost € 500 fine: hurry up

We are approaching the change of winter tires for the cold season 2022-2023. Here is what the highway code provides in case of infringement.

new highway code
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The most feared time of the year for motorists is coming: soon, it will be necessary change winter tires or at least to comply with the regional provisions that provide for keeping a set in the car to face the new cold season.

It must be said that temperatures have been well above average at the moment, with this October looking more like a remnant of spring or a slightly delayed summer, but from 15 November 2022 there is no escape: at national level it will be necessary to mount winter tires or bring a set of snow chains on board.

The ordinance, as mentioned, is valid on a national scale, but there are changes that affect the individual regions. In Valle d’Aosta, for example, it starts on October 15th until April 15th. The departure in Sardiniawhere the period is between 1 December and 15 March.

But what does the highway code foresee in case I don’t have to respect this ordinance? You have to be careful because fines can be very high. Let’s go and see them together.

What happens if you don’t mount winter tires? The penalties of the highway code

Let’s review the rule for a moment: from November 15th to April 15thwithout prejudice to the individual regional provisions as in the examples we have seen, all motorists will have to fit winter tires or bring a set of chains on board compatible with your own set of tires.

Change of tires in winter
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Depending on where we are, the possible fine for those who do not comply with this obligation changes. For the inhabited centerstherefore, it starts with a fine of 41 euros that can come up to 168 euros.

Different and much heavier speech for the suburban roadswhere the account starts from 84 euros until you get to ben 335 euros. In addition, we must not forget that the sanction also provides for the subtraction of 3 points from the driving license.

Furthermore, in particular climatic conditionssuch as a heavy snowfall or heavy ice on the roads, the authorities can enact an obligation to equip winter tires or snow chains and even order the immediate abandonment of the road until properly equipped.

Then there is a case in which the punishment can become even more severe. He foresees it article 78 of the highway codein which we talk about the presence of tires with different speed codes than those reported in the registration certificate. In that situation, the penalties start at 430 euros until you reach maximums from ben 1731 euros.

Finally, don’t forget about alternatives. Instead of winter tires you can prefer fit 4 season tires which, as the name suggests, are perfect all year round.

Winter snow tires
Winter snow tires – Motori.news

Being a compromise between summer and winter gripit is always advisable to carry out checks to make sure that the tires are not too worn before the natural change of season.

In particular areas, such as those of high mountains, it may be advisable to even have some snow tires: however, this is an extreme situation suggested in places with frequent snowfalls and persistent ice.

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