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Knowing how and in how much time the driver’s license points can be recovered is something that interests everyone. At least once in your life it has happened to violate the highway code and therefore to undergo a deduction of points as well as more than high fines.

Spid and license points
Spid and license points – Motori.News

Just make a mistake as a newly licensed, enter a ZTL without having paid, without having the right therefore, or have drunk more than you should and have started driving. Having caused an accident, even if not very serious.

All these errors, from the most trivial to the most serious, have consequences rather than care.

How to find out everything to do with driving license points and fines in one go

Finding out how many license points you have available today is a breeze. It is nothing difficult, only thanks to the spid that comes in handy in a thousand different situations. It can be used for example to access public administration services.

With the spid you can access the INPS portal as well as to the portal of the Revenue Agency to request the various bonuses available. In short, with the spid hundreds of doors are opened that otherwise would have to be opened by going from office to office and wasting not a little time. That’s why we all need to have it, even the older ones.

The spid is a tool that can sometimes be not easy to use, but once you understand how to do it, this opens all the doors and makes everything much simpler it’s fast. For example, they can pay bills, you can request installments and amnesties and much more.

As for the driving license, through the spid it is also possible to know how many points remain and how many fines the driver has taken since he obtained the license to date. Fines already paid are reported and also those that have yet to be paid.


Portal of the motorist and spid here’s what you can do

To do this, just enter the Motorist’s portal, authenticate through the spid, enter your data if requested. All this takes just a few minutes.

After entering the site, you can find out all the information hitherto unknown. For example, how many driving license points you still have, how many years it takes to get the initial points balance back. We remind you that the maximum number of points is 30, the figure can only be reached if there are no infractions and 2 points per year are credited.

It seems to be a difficult procedure, in reality it is quite simple, convenient, within everyone’s reach, even those who are not familiar with the world of technology. In a few minutes you can discover many interesting things, both positive and negative.

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