2022 Ford Bronco WIldtrak Gets HOSS 3.0 Pack With Improved Suspension


Ford only updated configurator for Bronco 2022, and that includes a new optional suspension package for the Wildtrak trim. The HOSS 3.0 bundle incorporates Fox 2.5-inch internal bypass dampers, revised spring levels, a heavy-duty steering rack and tie rod ends from Ford Performance, front skid plates and a powder-coated steel bumper with integrated fog lamps.

The HOSS 3.0 plan costs $2,515. It arrived this summer and is “only for reservation holders and unscheduled order holders,” said Ford spokesman Sam Schembari Motor1.com.

Ford says the new suspension components provide increased high-speed, off-road capability and allow it to cope with repeated blows in the desert. The improved steering rack comes from the Bronco Raptor and can handle a maximum load of 40 percent more than parts on the regular Bronco. Improved inner and outer tie rods are 32 percent stronger than stock units.

The Bronco lineup was big at SUV launches, and has only grown bigger since then. Ford recently added the Everglades model for people looking to tackle mud or water. It has a fording depth of 36.4 inches (92.46 centimeters), which is 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) more than the next best trim. The wheel arches have rubber all around, and there’s a 10,000 pound winch on the front bumper.

The Bronco Raptor being the top ranger is another addition to the lineup. Ford didn’t reveal the total output but promised that the 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 produces at least 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). Compared to other applications, the engine has an improved induction system and an improved intercooler.

Performance-focused models use a 10-speed automatic with paddle shifters behind the wheel. This sends power through the larger driveshaft and to the upgraded Dana axle. The drivetrain also has improvements to the transfer case and clutch.


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