be prepared for a hefty fine

Once you arrive at the toll booth you are forced to stop and pay the toll. It can happen for any reason to omit payment, even for something that does not depend on us.

Telepass without paying
Telepass without paying – Motori.News

It happens for example when the system does not take the card due to the absence of an internet network or due to any malfunction.

Anyway in this case, a receipt is issued, with the words non-payment. On the receipt, there are the car data, the time of entry and exit from the motorway and the amount to be paid. The sum of the payment must be paid within 15 days.

Payment can be initiated using the data available on the receipt, you can pay with all available payment methods. Who does not pay within 15 days, receives a hefty fine directly at home.

Fine for failing to pay the correct amount at the motorway tollbooth

You can receive a fine for various reasons, not only for problems related to the motorway toll booth. For instance, one is forced to pay the penalty, yes when you arrive at the toll booth you take the wrong lane voluntarily or involuntarily. Or, if you take the Telepass lane without having a season ticket.

Or even if you go through a lane that already has the barrier raised without paying, hoping to get away with it. In all these cases, the fine that is applied ranges from a minimum of € 84 to a maximum of € 335. However, the amount may increase based on how serious the infringement is committed. There is also the deduction of points from the driving licenseusually two less.


Here’s what to do if you have a receipt for the payment made at the toll booth

If you receive a fine but it is deemed not to have committed any infringement of any kind, following the payment of the sum due at the motorway toll booth, a dispute can be initiated, only by going to the nearest Punto Blu, explaining the incident and bringing with you any documentation in your favor. For example, notification of payment or receipt of payment at the toll booth is sufficient. I alternative you can appeal directly to the prefect or the justice of the peace.

More than useful information for the crafty ones, when you arrive on the motorway, since the barrier is raised, the temptation to go through the motorway toll booth without paying is really great. But we must not do it, because the camera takes the photos, then a communication arrives directly at home, with the motivation of the fine.

What must be done to stay on the side of legality, is to pay the relevant amount and only then pass.

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