LIDL columns, a Tesla is always parked to scrounge the free recharge: angry customers

Lidl is at the center of an issue that is sometimes incredible and unthinkable. In one of the stores in the north, exactly in Milan, there is a column dedicated to electric cars, which however is always occupied by a Tesla model 3.

machine in charge at lidl
machine in charge at

This car is parked there at any time of the day, many have noticed it also because it is difficult not to. But it was one user who complained about the situation and to report the fact on the web.

Tesla model 3 it is always parked at the Lidl supermarket located in via Adriano in Milan. In reality, its owner may not know that the charging station and the column have been installed for all those who own electric cars and not just for exclusive use.

The Tesla parked for hours at the Lidl supermarket generates many discussions

It is a beautiful white Tesla Dual Motors, which remains under charge for hours. This has a 75 kilowatt battery. The question that the user is asking is: why do people buy cars for € 67,000 and then take advantage of the columns for free of the Lidl supermarket? The gentleman apparently managed to do Bingo.

He bought a beautiful car for incredibly high sums and today he benefits not only from free parking but also from the free charging service for hours. Obviously it’s wrong, but nothing can be said to him, because formally it is not doing anything wrong, it is not violating any laws or rules.

Lidl, in fact, in its regulation it does not refer to any time limits which have to do with the occupation of the aforementioned columns. So anyone can use it as he thinks fit. In the presentation of the new project, we only talk about the promotion of sustainable mobility. For this reason, charging points for electric cars have been installed in all the parking lots of the Lidl sales points in Italy and around the world.

Here’s what the readers’ solution is

The service is made available to customers totally free of charge, obviously the columns are used only for those who turn between the shelves and therefore do the shopping that can last at most half an hour or an hour if you are particularly slow or careful and not for hours and hours.

The problem is more than anything else that no one controls and obviously the situation degenerates, creating a lot of irritation. In fact, the owner of the Tesla is not the only one who has to think about how to exploit the presence of the charging stations, as many others do too. Readers suggest the solution of timed refills.

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