Car scrapping, super bonus of € 6000: you can immediately buy it new

This is the right time to proceed with the car scrapping to buy a new one. If anyone is interested they should inquire now, because there is a € 6000 bonus at the start, which can be claimed by everyone.

Scrapping bonus
Scrapping bonus – Motori.News

State auto incentives have recently been released, who run to the rescue of all Italians who are in difficulty and who must necessarily buy a new car for whatever reason.

As well as at the state level, they have been released a lot of aid also region by region. It is true that we are experiencing a decidedly difficult period due to the crisis, but it is also true that the list of incentives is nourished every day.

6,000 euro bonus for car scrapping, that’s what it is

Among all, the six thousand euro bonus for the scrapping of an old vehicle and buying a new car. The Veneto region will grant € 6000 scrapping bonus to all those who want to buy a non-polluting car, to improve air quality and reduce pollution in the atmosphere.

Then of course yes they want to help families who cannot afford any additional costsbecause reaching the end of the month has become really impossible just think of the cost of fuel or the cost of food and everything you need to buy from week to week.


The ise established by the Veneto Region

The Veneto incentives do not have a Low ISEE low preset as have state aid which stops at a € 30,000 isee. The ISEE limit set by the Veneto region is € 50,000, so many more people will be able to access aid at any time. The only thing that will change based on the ISEE value will be the amount you will be entitled to. The amount will differ according to the reference range and membership of the scrapping bonus applicants. There will be three bands, the first will concern the isee less than € 25,000, the second isee less than 40,000 and the last isee less than 50,000.

When the ranking will be drawn up, the Veneto region will define all the details. At least for the moment we only know that the buyer will only be able to get the bonus if he chooses to purchase a low-emission vehicle between a euro 6 model, or a new electric model.

When the official announcement will be published, which in any case will be released shortly, all the details of the case will be provided. For example, the how to send applications and of accession and obviously also the methods of disbursement of the bonus and the necessary timing.

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