Put on gloves when you get petrol, you can’t imagine what you’re going through: incredible

Gloves are very important when handling gasoline. In fact, depending on the type of chemical you handle, you need to choose the right type of gloves to protect yourself.

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It is important to inspect them before use to ensure they are free of defects and provide adequate protection. If they are torn or discolored, they are dangerous and should not be used.

This is even more true when handling hydrocarbons, especially very strong chemicals such as gasoline.

Why do we have to use gloves?

Without the use of suitable gloves, hydrocarbons can pass through the gloves and come into contact with the skin. Conversely, if they are not resistant, they quickly deteriorate with gasoline.

What are the dangers of handling gasoline without gloves? Gasoline is a toxic substance and certain elements of this chemical, in direct contact with gasoline, have been shown to cause cancer.

Plus, frequent contact with these chemicals can also cause skin irritations. Studies have shown that gas stations are more germicidal than bathrooms.

Exposure to hydrocarbons can therefore be harmful to health, which is why it is important to wear gloves.

Which gloves are suitable for making gasoline?

Chemical resistant safety gloves must be worn when handling petrol. They come in different styles and materials and are ideal for handling highly hazardous chemicals.

Nitrile gloves: this compound, nitrile rubber, is known for its good resistance to inorganic chemicals and is mainly used in large industries to replace latex gloves. It plays an important role in gasoline management.

Vinyl gloves: they are characterized by high quality and excellent performance on the market, with high resistance to acids and chemicals and greater resistance than nitrile gloves. Furthermore, they do not wear out and do not change their properties even after several days of storage.

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Another major risk

These days, we can only talk about the last pandemic where we learned that the COVID-19 it is mainly transmitted via droplets of saliva. Speaking or coughing produces a shower of tiny, invisible droplets that can reach up to three feet away.

This is where self-service gas stations come into play again. Parts of service stations are crossed by dozens of people every day, some of whom may test positive for the virus.

But as we have already said, even before the pandemic, the pumps were considered one of the most contaminated places in the world.

Wear suitable gloves and take care of your skin

As you can see, the main feature of gloves is to protect against any type of disease and allergy. Hands are an important part of the body and are essential for every human being.

For this reason it is good to take care of them and always protect them with appropriate gloves. All the more so if your job involves the use of potent and skin-damaging chemicals, such as gasoline or other hydrocarbons.

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