Stop incentives on endothermic, this is the request of the environmentalists to the TAR

Stop incentives on endothermic, whose organizational structure has caused several associations to be discussed throughout 2022. The criticisms came from trade associations that have made heavy accusations against the government, asking for rapid interventions to solve the problems encountered.

Endothermic machines
Endothermic machines –

The government has accepted the associations’ proposal, but apparently for the 2022 car incentives, there is absolutely no air of peace. The associations WWF, Legambiente, Greenpeace Italy, citizens for the air, Kyoto Club, in collaboration with Transport & Environment have chosen to contact the TAR assuming a stance clearly against it and which inevitably goes against the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers signed on April 6, 2022.

Stop incentives on endothermic, that’s why

With this, the “Recognition of incentives for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles ”for the next two years.

Stop incentives on endothermic –

But it wasn’t just about the incentives on endothermic are central, i.e. on all those cars that fall within the 61-135 g / km of CO2 range. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, all governments have found themselves spending 2.6 billion euros on the purchase of new cars. To these are added another 500 million from Regions and some municipalities.

The justification for the outlay of public money was to support the transition to non-polluting cars.

In Europe, however, a good part of the 3 billion spent was spent on combustion cars which instead are polluting, because have their emissions reach 135 grams of CO2 per km. Nothing similar has happened elsewhere except in Romania where the data is less alarming anyway.

The position of Germany

Always these associations accuse the decree of the Mise which limits and makes access to bonuses even more complicated and limiting. Germany has invested 3 billion euros for incentives designed and dedicated to the purchase of electric cars and plug-ins. All this only underlines the failure of the Italian strategy that he once again showed with great evidencethe flaws in the system.

By resorting to the TAR, a request is made to the Government to initiate the stop to the incentives on endothermic, rather going to carry out interventions in favor of the diffusion of electric mobility.

The environmental organizations require the Government to stop the bonuses for the purchase of cars fitted with combustion engines, to favor interventions that instead aim at industrial conversion towards electric mobility and sustainable zero-emission mobility. All this guarantees excellent results in favor of nature. Something that has never been seen before.

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